3 Ways to Spruce It Up

Yes, we are now in the winter months and sometimes it’s just too cold to be out working on home improvement issues. However, if you happen to have one of those warmer winter days, which seem to be more abundant than years ago, you can take advantage of Mother Nature’s mercy and spruce things up a little. Save the new counter tops in the kitchen for a snow day. Below are some suggestions for getting that yard and drive ready for Spring.


With all the urban jungles already in existence and taking over small-town America, some extra color in the front yard would be nice. Wait! Color in winter? Yes. There are a few changeups in the plans when you decide to landscape in the winter.

Plant some crabapples or some holly. These hold their fruit through the winter months all the while providing food for birds nesting in the area. Berries can add some natural Christmas cheer to the front yard, as well. The reds from the crabapples and holly berries are bound to fit right into the symphony of Christmas lights and decorations.

Next, consider adding some evergreens. Their year-round foliage will make sure that your landscape is never desolate, even in the grays and white of a snowy day. Don’t forget the decorative aspects, either. A well-placed bench, trellis, or small gazebo will add tons of character to your winter wonderland.

Resurface the Driveway

Then, there is that lonely piece of concrete that you drive up and down every day. It just sits there. It does serve a very useful purpose, but after years of backing up and pulling in and the countless basketball games you lost to your budding NBA star, that driveway will begin to show its age.

The wear and tear of driving over it, the four seasons beating on it year after year, and the natural tendency to crack and degrade leave you with a drive that could be a rather big eyesore. Take this time to refinish the driveway. Asphalt is a great material for this project. It is a renewable resource made of sand, stones, and gravel. This will add new life to an aging home.   

Add Some Style to the Mail

How long have you lived in your home? I bet you installed the mailbox yourself. It’s a proud moment when you finally achieve the goal of homeownership and the mailbox is usually the finishing touch. Over the years, though, that mailbox can go through some adventures just sitting in one spot.

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