4 Different Ways to Increase your Living Space

Living Space

With a growing family, many UK homeowners are faced with the problem of inadequate living space, and until a few years ago, a bricks and mortar extension was the only solution, yet modern construction methods have opened up this sector with practical alternatives that are both cost effective and attractive. If you are thinking of upgrading your property, here are some alternatives to the traditional bricks and mortar extension.

  1. Container Homes – How many times have you seen containers on the road? It is an everyday occurrence for most of us, and like anything else, a sea container will reach a point where it is no longer used for transporting goods. The ultimate in recycling, using a sea container (or two) to create additional living space is now a thriving industry, and with an experienced electrician in Birmingham, you can feed the utilities into the concrete base, along with a water connection, and you will have the ideal modular home that can be located nearby the main property. There are specialist contractors who will fitout the interior to the client’s specifications, and with the right insulation, a container home is the ideal way to add to the existing living space.
  2. Modular Homes – These come in kit form and are easily assembled, and with a concrete base of suitable size already in place, the unit can quickly be constructed. There are online suppliers of modular homes that come in all shapes and sizes, and with a local electrician to hook up the utilities, you have a nice accommodation annexe that can be used all year round.
  3. Double Glazed Conservatories – Very fashionable at the moment, a conservatory will bring many benefits to the UK homeowner, and with double glazed panels and roof, your garden can be combined to make the ideal summer house that can be used all year round. Aluminium or uPVC ensures a maintenance free environment, and with a bespoke creation, you can solve your living space issues with an attractive and elegant conservatory.
  4. Timber Log Cabin – While log cabins have been the rage in America since the days of the Wild West, there are now companies in the UK that offers a wide range of log cabins, and by selecting Nordic Pine, you can be sure the summer house will stand the test of time. Having a stand alone structure does have its benefits, and the cabin can be an ideal place for overnight guests to stay, and at other times, it can be used in a number of ways.

Whatever you decide on, you will need an electrician to connect the structure to the power grid, and while he’s there, he can also put in adequate power points and lighting. Fortunately, technology has enabled the homeowner to have a choice when it comes to adding living space, and with the emphasis on zero maintenance and affordability, you no longer have to take out a second mortgage to increase your living space at home.


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