4 Essential Service Numbers for Every Homeowner to Store in Their Smartphone


There’s little point in having technology if you don’t put it to good use, and as far as the UK homeowner is concerned, online solutions make it very convenient to source a plumber or electrician. The Yellow Pages have been replaced by online local directories, and it is a lot easier to type your needs into a search engine window than thumbing through a thick book, and with mobile devices being so versatile, your smartphone doubles up as an Internet browser, which will assist you in sourcing essential domestic services. If you are new to the property owning circle, here are some of the important tradespeople to include in your contacts list.

  1. Appliance Repair Centre – When you consider how many electrical appliances you have in your home, you realise the importance of a reliable appliance repair centre, and whether the washing machine is making strange noises, or you need Maytag tumble dryer repair, if you have a number of a local appliance repair firm, help is only a call away. The modern appliance is a very complex piece of equipment and messing around with DIY repairs is not advised, and besides, it would likely render your warranty invalid. An established company would be able to repair most appliances and when dealing with gas or electric, it is vital to use qualified and manufacturer approved agents for any service or repair.
  2. Emergency Plumber – If you are to be realistic, the plumber is the one service you simply cannot do without, and the modern tradesman can handle heating and air-conditioning issues, and if a major kitchen appliance packs up on you, he will be able to quickly determine whether a repair is feasible. The worst case scenario is a burst water pipe, and if that happens, calling an emergency plumber is the second thing to do, the first being to turn off the water at the mains.
  3. Roofing Contractor – Unfortunately, roofs are not a fix and forget solution, and it is wise to inspect your roof on a regular basis and especially after a storm. Broken or missing roof shingles will certainly leave the internal structure vulnerable, and by making timely repairs, you will avoid costly roof repairs, which can run into thousands of pounds.
  4. Emergency Locksmith – This age old trade has been around since locks were first invented, and if you should find yourself locked out of the home, or the car, a quick call will avoid causing unnecessary damage, and should you ever wish to have your home security assessed, the locksmith is the ideal person to consult. Keyless solutions are very popular now, and the system might use a fingerprint or a password to allow access, and if you are the type of person who is always losing keys, going keyless with a biometric locking system is a sensible thing to do.

There are other essential services that you might need from time to time, and with a long list of tradespeople stored in your mobile device, you will be ready for anything!


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