4 Reasons Why Steam Baths are Must-haves for Homes

Sitting in a steam room is one of the things that many tired people often look forward to. Aside from being relaxing, steam baths provide numerous health benefits like boosting the immune system, improving metabolism, and ridding the body of toxins. It is also great for shedding off some of that unwanted weight.

It might seem like steam baths are a luxury and that they are too exorbitant to have at home. However, there a lot of things about steam baths that makes them not just an excellent addition, but also a must-have for all homes. Here are some of them.

  • They are not as costly as they seem

Although steam showers are most often seen in health spas, they are actually not as expensive as they look and feel. Alongside common bathing equipment and bathtubs, some manufacturers also offer steam showers, which have the combined functions of both a steam bath and shower. They look and are priced just like shower stalls.

  • They do not use too much water

Average steam showers use approximately just a gallon of water for every 10 minutes to produce relaxing steam. On the other hand, ordinary shower heads can use about 25 times as much as that amount in the same span of time.

  • They add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom

One of the other less considered benefits of adding a steam bath or shower to your home is that they add a more contemporary, aesthetic look to your bathroom. They look like shower stalls but the glass finish of steam showers adds elegance.

  • They bring relaxation home

No more monthly visits to the local spa or saunas. Steam all you want in your own bathroom. You have full access because it is your own home. Take a shower afterwards, and dive straight onto your favourite couch for that planned movie marathon. Indulge—it’s a luxury that you deserve.

Things to consider before buying a steam shower

Aside from outer appearance, consider looking for a steam generator that works efficiently—that is, it creates steam fast, in just a few minutes. Not only does this effectively cut down the electricity bill, but also means less waiting time for you.

Additionally, consider the ceiling height of where you plan to install your steam shower, which typically work great with ceiling heights of up to 2.44 metres. If your bathroom is higher than this, you will need a steam generator with more power.

Lastly, make sure that the place where you intend to install your steam shower is covered with tiles or marble. Steam creates a lot of moisture, so you need to make sure that the shower door is water-tight, and the walls are waterproof.

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