4 Simple Changes Which Will Instantly Give Your Home a Makeover

There’s nothing like flipping through a home interior magazine to get you feeling inspired.  You start thinking about what you would do with each room if you had the budget to be able to spend freely.  However, not everyone has a bank account which allows them to be able to go into a store and take whatever they want.

If you’re one of those people like may who wants to give your home a new look without going broke, then take a look at some of these simple changes which don’t cost much yet make a big difference.

New Curtains

When your windows are decorated with outdated curtains that make your house feel dark and depressing or dusty and old, it can give your home a sad mood.

However, when you update your windows by giving them a new look which reflects the mood that you’d like to convey, it can completely transform the feeling of the room.

Depending on the style of your home you may opt for something patterned over solid, or sheer over opaque.  It all depends on the particular needs of your design style. There are no rules when it comes to the right curtains for your home.  The only thing to keep in mind is choosing something which makes you feel good.

An Accent Wall

Painting one wall in each room a different color may sound odd when you think about it.  However, an accent wall can give a room a new punch which it didn’t have before.  

Having the same color on every wall in every room is playing it safe.  Why not be daring and go for one wall which is a color you love. Sometimes the accent wall is the piece of the puzzle that you were always missing to bring the look of your whole house together.

Updated Appliances

A lot of people live with the attitude that you should use your appliances until they’re worn out and don’t work anymore.  However, not only can old appliances take longer to work and suck up more energy, but aesthetically they look drab.

Consider updating a few appliances like your coffee machine, microwave, or oven.  A new modern appliance can give the illusion that you remodeled your entire kitchen!

Outdoor Space

If you have a backyard which is just sitting there gathering dust, it’s time to consider reinventing how you use the space.   A backyard is a fantastic place to entertain guests, so why not amp it up?

Consider buying a few outdoor patio design items, like a table and chairs or a fire pit.  Using your backyard space as the place where you spend your time can make you feel like you’ve got an entirely new room in your house!

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