4 Tips for Selecting a Competent Granny Flat Builder

If you plan on building a granny flat on your property, it is important that you source the right contractor. Granny flats are an excellent investment for any homeowner, they are a perfect living space for an elderly relative, they can be used as additional space if your family grows, or you can use them as rental property.

Here are 4 tips for selecting a reputable granny flat builder.

  1. Inquire About Previous Builds

When you speak to a granny flat construction company, inquire about their previous builds and the types of units they can provide. They should be able to provide you with a detailed portfolio containing a variety of granny flats which they have constructed in the Perth area. Most construction companies will have images and pictures on their website showing some of their designs, but most of those photos are taken by a professional photographer, so it is hard to get a true evaluation of their work by looking at an online image. It is advisable to visit their premises and see whether they have some finished units there which you can view in person, this will give you a much better idea of their craftsmanship and the standard of work they carry out.

  1. Request a List of References

If you contact Perth granny flat builders, you should also ask about references, they should be happy to provide potential clients with a long list of satisfied customers who can vouch for their workmanship and services. If they are hesitant when you mention references, this may indicate there is something wrong, so you should be persistent and only deal with a granny flat construction team who are willing to provide them.

  1. Building Codes

Each state has its own set of codes pertaining to the construction of granny flats on your land, so the business owner should be familiar with the Building Code of Australia, and any other regulations in the state of Western Australia. Your contractor should know that Perth has specific laws when it comes to the size of the granny flat which can be placed on your property, if your builder is unfamiliar with these laws, and goes ahead with the build nonetheless, you could find yourself in trouble with your local authority.


Getting the right quote is important, it allows you to compare prices with other granny flat builders in Perth to see who is offering the most reasonable price when it comes to design, planning, and construction. Inquire about prices and make sure to ask whether the quote is all inclusive or will there be extras added once the build begins. Ask for a breakdown of the cost and see how it compares to other contractors.

With the information and guidance offered above, you should be able to find a reputable, high-quality granny flat construction team in Perth who offer their services at an affordable price. Be vigilant when selecting a company and ask as much questions as possible to gather important information on the subject.

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