5 Essential Tips To Consider While Buying Hotel Equipment

*An Entrepreneur – “I am thinking to start with an interesting business, a business with lot of challenges. *The thinking cloud tells* – How about a hotel business? Oh yeah! That’s the perfect idea!”*

Yes! Thinking & starting with a hotel business is one of the most amazing decisions you will be taking.  In fact the hospitality industry is the sector which always demands for new equipment. Indeed, remember, nothing is more baffling in the maneuver of restaurant than a piece of equipment that breaks down. Obviously, equipment only fails down during your surge on Friday night, just before the weekend when it’s hard to arrange the repair. Other than the operational and customer service problems, time spent dealing with gear, securing repairs and waiting for service can squander numerous hours that could be spent in a more gainful manner.

Therefore, don’t be in a rush while purchasing hotel supplies; it is not something to be done spontaneously or on a whim. A lot of thought, examination and learning is required to ensure you get the things your hotel needs, with the goal that it should run proficiently, securely and up to code.

So, for your help we have listed these five tips when purchasing quality equipment for your hotel.

  1. Don’t Forget To Check The Blue NSF-Logo : To make sure that the equipment is food-safe, easy to keep clean & sanitized and perfect to be used in commercial kitchen you need to see if it has the blue National Sanitation Foundation logo printed on the product or product packaging. Moreover, note down that not every health codes require that every equipment has to be NSF approved; if you buy equipment with blue seal you can be sure that those equipment will satisfy the health regulations.
  1. Purchase Your Necessary Equipment Only : Your first deed is to work on the menu and later focus on the menu items – buy hotel amenities supplies that you need. Just focus on maintaining an well-organized and practical kitchen by purchasing only the things you need rather than blowing out your budget on everything you see. Buy necessary and maintain a functional space in your kitchen.
  1. Ensure Local Codes Are Met : In order to run a legal hotel business, make sure all the local codes are met including health, fire, building and other area codes, as the local codes vary in every location. Equipment which can be operated without a vent in few areas are placed under a hood in other locations. Therefore, partner with your local government and make sure the equipment you are considering is perfect in accordance with the local codes. Infringement of these codes could prompt heavy fines or closure and can cost you a large number of dollars as you work to correct the issue.
  1. Learn & Check About Warranties : Prior investing your money in hotel equipment, verify how the manufacture backs up its products. If quality equipment fails, you can empty your green wallet in just blink of an eye. So, learn about the standard warranty and its extended warranties the company offers. Moreover, look after the maintenance to be done regularly and what deeds can void the warranty. Considering all factors compare the price and buy the most worthy equipment.
  1. Inspect Equipment At The Time Of Its Arrival : At time you receive the equipment, check if all of them are in working order before signing for the product. Regardless of the best packaging endeavors by the manufacturer and caution of Transport Company, products are damaged during shipping. In such cases, contact the transport provider as the manufacturer is not responsible for the damaged unit. Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility as the buyer to make damage claims.

Don’t just pay importance on equipment for best buy; consider the impact of operation without the equipment if it fails. Don’t let the faulty equipment ruin your hotel image.

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