5 Most Valuable Home Improvement Projects

If you have a hankering for home improvement, it’s important to put your money where it will make the most impact on the value of your property.  Should you choose to sell your home, you want to be comfortable in knowing that it will pull a decent sale price.

Home improvements are the best way to build equity in your home while you’re still enjoying its protection and warmth.  Read through a brief look at some of the most valuable home improvement projects, and start planning your next upgrade today.

Renew and refresh the kitchen

It’s a commonly known fact that most homebuyers see the kitchen as the heart of the home.  Families spend time eating, talking, laughing, and creating in the kitchen. It’s important that the space is stylish, functional, and comfortable.  

You can reap more than 100 percent of your investment at resale, as long as you are fickle about your spending.  Invest in upgrading your countertops, floors, and appliances.  Energy efficient is always your best bet.  Make sure to never make your kitchen fancier than the rest of your home, and keep it comparable to the other homes in the neighborhood.  

Add livable space to the home

You will always gain value by adding more livable space to your home.  If you have a dusty attic or a basement riddled with spiderwebs, clean it up.  

Repurpose the space as a bedroom or entertainment space.  The larger your floor plan, the higher you can go on the listing price when you’re ready to sell your home.  

Upgrade the windows and doors

The windows and doors in your home are a huge factor in the overall efficiency of your home.  You want the home to be sealed tight, so you can rest assured that the interior is safe from excess moisture and extreme temperature changes.  

By upgrading your windows to energy efficient specs, you will save money on heating and air.  You will also get a tax benefit from the government, and simultaneously raise the value of your home.  

Add outdoor communion space

Adding a front porch or deck area to your home will do wonders for the sellability of the property.  People enjoy spending time outside, and a great outdoor living space will look pretty appealing to buyers.  

Making the outdoor space of your home more appealing will make you more likely to spend time there as well.  Plan a “staycation” this year, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Update the exterior of your home

The outside of your home matters too.  If the exterior of a home looks damaged and run down, the first impression of the property may not be the best.  It’s important to invest in maintaining the outside of your home.

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