5 Popular Shades to Consider for Your New Kitchen Cabinets this Year

Kitchen cabinets are the most visible areas in any kitchen. Whether you are planning to have a contemporary look or revamping your kitchen, it always pays off to get ideas. At KMC, we have highly skilled kitchen installers to help you choose the best colors that best fits your kitchen. As leading kitchen designers in Christchurch we always consider giving useful information to the community. A lot of residents in Christchurch knows us as professional Kitchen Makers, who makes a dream kitchen possible.

Let’s dive into our recommended 5 color kitchen cabinets one after another. These recommendations are based on a research that studies home style and furnishing trends every year. So for this time we are bringing you the most exclusive color ideas for your kitchen cabinets to brighten your kitchen with.


White is seen the most culminating choice when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Kitchen installers have, from a very distant past, being in love with the different shades of white. No matter how delicately designed a kitchen is, and whatever texture you add to your floors or countertop, white cabinets will always compliment it. White adds simplicity to the kitchen. On the other hand, white cabinets gives more exposure to light resulting in a bright and an illuminate kitchen space. Besides the kitchen designers, white has also been the first choice of most home owners.

Pure Wood

The natural color of wood has always inspired Kitchen Makers regardless of budget and interior. The natural wood color when appears on the kitchen cabinets gives an overall cozy feeling to the residents. There are many shades and textures available in this style and people are getting more choices of wood color then before.

Dark Brown

Some home owners want a solid and dark color in their kitchen. Luxury homes, with the antique style furniture or dark leather interior wants the same to be reflected in their kitchens. They want their kitchen designers to have the same ornate feeling exist in their kitchens. A dark brown cabinet kitchens are become more popular than before. The chocolate resembling dark brown kitchen cabinets have been in homes from a very long time, and has gained fame mostly due to the oriental style of furniture that are being imported.

Metallic Gray

Gray has become the new black. From cars to furniture and home interiors, gray has become a popular style in futuristic designs. Gray kitchen cabinets goes perfectly well with kitchens having a marble interior and kitchen countertops. The fact that kitchen installers are becoming more cognizant with the futuristic styles, with gray kitchen appliances and interior gray kitchen cabinets are becoming more in-demand then before.

Create Your Dream Kitchen with the best Kitchen Makers in Christchurch

We create kitchens that are bright, airy, and stylish. We can add any feature you need to get the look you desire or the facility you want. Also, every member of our team is highly skilled so you will get a kitchen that you’ll love.

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