5 Practical and Beautiful Intermediate Home Improvement Projects

Home Improvement Projects

There are practical home improvement projects. And there are ones based on aesthetics. And then there are ones that are touted as being simple or basic. But, when you start combining reasons for doing things, and then adding an intermediate value to the mix, you start getting projects that will really last, as well as add value to your home on a long-term level.

So five of the projects that you can aim for, either on a DIY basis, or hiring some other folks to get them set for you, including installing garden windows, making bookcase doors, installing custom molding, creating a kitchen backsplash, and putting up outdoor awnings to spice up your exterior as well as temper outdoor conditions.

Garden Windows

Are you familiar with how garden windows work? They’re exterior windows with four sides, and then jut out from your home. The extra dimension allows exponentially more sun in, and showcases a beautiful way to have a dedicated place for your plants and flowers. This is definitely an intermediate undertaking, as careful measurements have to be made and detailed construction is a must, but once complete, it can potentially be the most beautiful set of windows in your home.

Bookcase Doors

There are probably a ton of doors in your home. And more than likely, you have a bookcase or two. But to save space, one intermediate project that you can take on is to create a bookcase door. These can work particularly well in kids’ bedrooms as a way to help clean up clutter as well. With the right tools, you can take this project on yourself, and potentially even turn it into a family project.

Custom Molding

One project that might take awhile to do correctly, but can make a huge difference in the overall feel of your home, is to create some custom molding designs. These can go along baseboards, can act as separators between rooms, or can go along the ceiling to create all sorts of interesting interior frames. Wood is the most common material to use, but plastic or even fabric work as well.

Kitchen Backsplashes

Depending on how much time you spend around your kitchen sink, one intermediate project to take on would be to create a custom kitchen sink backsplash. There are incredibly detailed designs that you can follow that leave you with a gorgeous and perfectly fitting backplate around your sink that will also keep water from pooling back there.

Outdoor Awnings

And for those of you who want to take on a larger outdoor project, you can put up window awnings to match the style of your home. This can get a bit expensive depending on the materials that you want to use, but with the right design, you can control the amount of sunlight coming in, as well as protect from rain and snow.


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