5 Reasons Why a Wall Coating is the Best Way to Protect your Exterior

Technical advances have made all our lives easier, and when it comes to protecting the exterior of a building, great strides have been made with innovative wall coatings that are guaranteed not to fade, crack, or peel. If you have yet to look into the many benefits that modern wall coatings offer, here are just a few reasons why UK homeowners are turning to this durable application to protect their homes against the harsh climate.

  1. Durable and Flexible – The extreme temperatures in our climate puts a lot of stress on a wall covering, and while paint will eventually succumb to the constant onslaught, special acrylic coatings expand and contract with the varying temperatures, rather than cracking, which is what you can expect with even the best paint products. If, for example, a homeowner was looking for Topcote wall coating in Scotland, there is a specialist contractor who has many years of hands-on experience, and they are prepared to offer a 10-year unconditional warranty on both their products and workmanship.
  2. Cost Effective Protection – When considering value for money, with a paint job, one must factor in the annual repaint, which is not a cheap exercise, and if you think about the long term, having a professional coating applied is the most cost effective way to protect your property, which is, after all, your biggest investment.
  3. Range of Colours – The latest generation of wall coatings come in a range of attractive colours, allowing you to make a transformation to the exterior look of the home. Many people mistakenly think that the colour will soon fade, yet the manufacturer is prepared to offer a 10-year warranty against fading, peeling, or cracking.
  4. Eliminate Costly Repairs – Once you have a quality wall coating applied, you can forget about damp infecting your interior, as the coating effectively creates an impervious barrier, which even the harsh Scottish weather cannot penetrate. If dampness gets into the walls, this will result in plaster peeling off the interior walls, and it won’t stop there, with timber at real risk of decay.
  5. Professional Application – It isn’t just a question of applying the coating, as the surface preparation is critical to the success of the job. The walls must be cleaned with a pressure cleaner, which will remove all the built up grime, and then the coating has a strong bond with the substrate. If you would like a free quotation for wall coating, the best thing to do is an online search, and this will give you a list of potential contractors, and you can take it from there.

It isn’t only painted exteriors that can benefit from wall coatings, with cement and concrete substrates that can easily be treated, and with a range of colours, you can also change the look of the property, while receiving top notch protection at the same time.


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