5 Tips For Choosing The Right Dining Chairs

It may seem like a pretty standard decision to make, but for some people, choosing the right dining room seating is a challenging decision.  Dining decor is no longer a question of how many seats.  Design has evolved much further than six wooden chairs around a table.

There are a plethora of chair designs in which to choose.  Unconventional seating has become all the rage when considering different dining themes.  Try designing one of the best and most welcoming dining areas with these few chair choosing design tips.

Materials are critical to comfort.

The feel of the chair matters to people.  Though it is a place to rest our bottoms, comfort and durability should be at the top of the list.  No one wants to be uncomfortable while eating a meal.  Keep the seats wide and the fabrics inviting.

Choosing leather chairs is a great idea for adding durability to the dining room, but be careful to choose just the right type of leather.  Cheaper, false materials will make the space feel cold and staged.

It should be considered…

It should be considered that all of the dining chairs do not necessarily have to be the same.  In fact, it is more fashionable to mix and match seating.  Consider how many seats will be needed.  It typically is not necessary to be concerned with the height of the table, as most dining tables are set at a standard height.

The primary concern to consider is how many chairs will be needed and do the fit inside the designated area.  Consider whether or not to purchase chairs with arm rests.  Consider that it is standard to preserve seven inches of free space between the seat of the chair and the bottom of the table to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

Portability matters in some cases.

Unless the design of the dining room calls for the use of bench seating, portability issues matter.  Large, heavy chairs can be more unmanageable when the room is full.  Slatted backs on dining chairs are helpful when moving the seat in and out from underneath the table because they provide a perfect place to grab the chair.

Dining room seating is often moved around the home for various sit-down occasions, so the ability to transport the chairs easily from one room to another is always appreciated.

Avoid narrow chairs and squished spaces.

People should have at least eight inches between one another while eating.  Overcrowding the area will take away from experience and could be a recipe for disaster.  Allow for at least two feet between the back of the chairs and the wall, and allow for at least two feet of space for each person dining.

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