5 Ways Home Improvement Can Save You Money

Home improvement is the gift that keeps on giving.  Though not all upgrades are created equal, there are many upgrades that will actually save homeowners money instead of just costing a proverbial arm and a leg.

Not only will upgrades in the home increase the comfort and enjoyability of the structure, they will never stop saving money.  From quick and easy fixes, to elaborate construction projects, there are hundreds of ways to save money with upgrades.  Here are a few of the best money-saving home improvement ideas.

Cheap fixes with big returns

  • Spray Foam – Just a little bit of spray foam in any small cracks or openings around pipes or wires running into the home will go a long way. Seal up all the creepy spaces in the attic and crawl space of the home to add efficiency to the home.
  • Washing Machine Hoses – Old rubber water hoses can crack over time and result in an extremely costly water leak. Change hoses to stainless steel braided material for long-lasting, worry-free washing.
  • Blankets on the water heater – There are thick blankets specifically designed to cover and further insulate the common water heater. For $25, this blanket will save homeowners hundreds in energy bills over time.
  • Just add bubble wrap – Bubble wrap on the inside of attic, basement, and garage windows will add insulation and save on power. It will also add a layer of privacy to the home.

Long-term money savers

  • Energy star appliances – Not only do Energy Star appliances save money for the length of their usage, they will also help the homeowner to earn extra money back on their taxes for the next year. There is really no downside to upgrading appliances to more energy efficient models.
  • Efficient window upgrades – The same goes for windows. It may cost a pretty penny to replace all of the windows in a home, but it is worth the investment over time.  Specially made, double-paned windows will keep the home warm in the winter and cool during the hot days of the summer.
  • Proper home maintenance – Proper home maintenance is one of the best tools to fight against costly repairs in the future. Water is one of the most dangerous nemesis of a homeowner.  Keep a close eye on the home’s foundation.  Keep the gutters cleaned.  Jammed up gutters will cause water to pool up at the base of the structure and could cause some really expensive damage.

Efficiency Tips

  • Keep the fridge and freezer full. A full freezer/fridge takes less energy to cool.
  • Lower hot water temperatures on the water heater. It is not absolutely necessary to have scalding hot water every morning.
  • Switch all lights to LED, energy efficient bulbs.


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