6 Houseplants That Bring Good Fortune And Prosperity in Life

When you decorate your home with houseplants, you are not just adding beauty and greenery to your home but some sort of positive energy that can bring happiness in your life. Yes, you all must be knowing that people use houseplants in order to decorate their interior spaces but, do you know that there are certain houseplants that can bring good luck and prosperity in your life?

Yes, apart from being used as a home decor accessory, a house plant can actually improve the quality of the air you are breathing and evoke a sense of satisfaction in your life. Here are six houseplants that are considered to be lucky in life. Check out here:

Bamboo Plant

According to the Feng shui folklore, each arrangement of bamboo stalks in vases has a specific meaning associated with it. For instance, an arrangement of 3 stalks is considered lucky for happiness, longevity, and wealth. While a large arrangement of 21 stalks is believed to bring great blessings of enduring health and great wealth. So, make sure to brighten up your living space with an elegant arrangement of bamboo plant to stay happy and prosper in your life.

Shamrock Plant

A popular story about Shamrock plant tells that St. Patrick, the saint who brought Christianity to Ireland, plucked a Shamrock from the grass at his feet to explain the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, as each leaf of the Shamrock plant symbolizes the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. From then, this plant is considered lucky and it is said that nurturing a Shamrock plant brings good luck and happiness in life.

Jade plant

According to the Feng Shui lore, plants that contains rounded leaves bring good fortune and jade plants have rounded leaves too. This houseplant is considered as a traditional gift given to new business owners. Suppose, one of your acquaintances have started a new business. So, if you want to wish him or her good luck then, send or gift that person a jade plant, which is sure to bring prosperity and success.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies bear bright and gorgeous white blooms which help people prosper by improving their indoor air quality. Peace Lily can remove all the toxins from your indoor air and provide you with a room full of fresh air. When you get fresh air to  breathe, it ultimately calm your senses and evoke a sense of contentment in life. Peace Lily can also help you overcome asthma, headaches,chronic illness etc.

Money Plant

As the name suggests, money plant is believed to attract wealth and happiness. That’s why money plant can be seen in almost every households. The Feng Shui lore says that money plant is the best plant you can nurture in order to receive monetary gain and prosperity in your life. Also, the five leaves of the branch of the Money Plant are believed to symbolize the five elements of Feng Shui-Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, And Metal.


Basil or Tulsi can be found in almost every Indian household as this plant is considered sacred according to Hinduism. Well, basil is believed to bring love, wealth, luck, and happiness in your life. Basil is also known for being an antidepressant, antiseptic and antibacterial. Thus, if you will keep a basil plant in your house, chances are that you will surely prosper in your life. So, these were some of the good luck plants that you can grow in your house. You can order these plants online or get them from a local florist. Just make sure to water them as per their needs and keep them in suitable light condition.

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