6 Savvy Tips To Choose Right Mirror For Your Bathroom

Mirror For Your Bathroom

One of the most important places in the house is unquestionably, the bathroom!

Sometimes, you might just want to escape by locking yourself in the bathroom and taking a nice bath or shower. You need to create a tranquil space with the perfect furniture and accessories so you can truly relax.

Choosing the right mirror for a bathroom is not an easy task. Although your style may point to a large ornate mirror or mirror cabinet, you must choose based on what your wall space allows. You will find many varieties of mirrors such as standard bathroom mirrors, back lit bathroom mirrors, LED bathroom mirrors and wall mounted bathroom mirrors.

To help with your decision, here is a list of things to consider while choosing the perfect mirror for your bathroom wall.

Size of Mirror

As mentioned before, your style may be grand but if the space you are working with is not so, you need to really think about what you can go with. Make sure to shop around, you’re bound to find something that suits your taste and your space. Ensure that the measurements are accurate especially if you are working with a tight space to begin with where there are no margins for error.


The shape of the mirror is something you should think about when making your choice. There are many shapes available in the market such as oval, round, hexagon, octagon, abstract, rectangle or a custom shape of your choice. A customized option allows you to add your personal style if you are having to compromise on other aspects.

Flat Edge Or Beveled Glass Of Mirror

Do you want a mirror with a flat edge or beveled glass? Whatever you choose totally depends on your personal taste. Some choose a flat edge mirror while some find a beveled glass mirror more elegant. If you want the mirror to carry a minimalist look, a flat edge mirror is a great option.

Framed or Frame-Less

This is another key characteristic to take into consideration while selecting the mirror for your bathroom. If you want a framed mirror, you will find many options available in the market. While for frame-less, there are least options available compare to framed mirror.

Position of Mirror

A bathroom mirror is usually fixed above the wash basin. Sometimes, it is not always possible to put the mirror above the basin due to the bathroom layout. This isn’t a problem, you can position it somewhere else or opt for a free-standing bathroom mirror if your room can accommodate.


There are a couple of things to take in to consideration when installing a mirror in your bathroom. Do you require a standard mirror or are you looking for a mirror that offers the perfect storage solution? Next, what space do you have to play with?

Thanks to the large number of mirror suppliers and manufacturers, you will come across different varieties of mirrors to choose from such as illuminated bathroom mirrors, vanity style bathroom mirrors, Hi-tech mirrors, frame-less mirrors and more.

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