7 Tips to Save Money on Home Cooling Cost This Spring

With the onset of spring, energy bills begin to surge. However, there are some simple and inexpensive methods that can help you keep the energy cost under control. Check out these tips to save money on your home cooling cost this spring.

1. Get Home Energy Audit Done

Your home needs an energy audit done to check if the doors and windows are letting the cold air escape, making room for warmer air. You can hire an experienced contractor in your area to conduct the energy audit. Often in case of old homes, treated air escapes through cracks, damaged insulation, and drafty doors and windows. If there are leaks and energy loss points located in the audit, hire someone to fix the leaks through caulking, sealing, and weatherstripping. Consult your contractor to know whether you need to upgrade your insulation.

2. Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans create air breeze around us and helps in transferring the heat from our body. They speed up sweat evaporation, making us feel cooler and comfortable. The fans also help in circulating cool air, thus reducing the load on your air conditioner. Online fan stores like ModernFanOutlet.com offer a wide range of efficient ceiling fans to supplement your air conditioning system. Installing smart ceiling fans with apps can help adjust the temperature by automatically turning them on and off. However, you should always make it a point to switch off your ceiling fans when there is no one in the room.

3. Make Use of Ventilation and Exhaust Fans

Ventilation is the least expensive technique to cool homes and buildings. The ventilation of a building depends on the orientation of the wind to naturally keep it cool. Window fans exhaust hot air from home and keep the room cool. Bathroom fans are more useful in removing heat and humidity from the house. Attic fans pull cool air into the room.

4. Keep the Heat Out

If you live in an area where temperature falls at night, it’s better to keep your windows open and let the cool air enter rather than putting the air conditioner on. Same way, you should draw window blinds to prevent sunlight from entering the room and making it hot. Also consider putting tinted window films. Make use of window blinds to insulate the windows and prevent cold air from going out.

5. Review the Usage of Home Appliances

Using ovens increases the room temperature and makes your home hotter than usual. You can make use of such appliances outside. Sometimes, eating out and placing take away orders can save you energy back home.

Switching to energy efficient lighting can also help in reducing heat. Turn off lights when it’s not required, especially during the day when sunlight is sufficiently available. Incandescent lights and halogens should be avoided and CFLS and LEDS should be used to save a lot of energy.

Reduce the temperature of your water heater, as it contributes to higher energy consumption.

Lower the use of computer, dishwasher, and beauty equipment like hair dryers or curlers that adds heat to the room.

6. Use the Thermostat Wisely

Let’s understand what a thermostat is. It is a device that automatically regulates the temperature of your home by sensing the temperature around it. One thing that should be taken care of is the placement of thermostat. Avoid placing it on the wall where temperature is extreme because your thermostat will pick that up as your home’s temperature. For example, if you place the thermostat near a lamp or hot door, it will sense the room as hotter than it actually is and will make your air conditioner work longer.

Place it in the room which you use often, so that its sensors work efficiently. It is advisable to set thermostat at the highest temperature possible to save money. A slight change causes electricity bill to shoot up.

Programmable thermostats keep the AC at the right temperature. It is advisable to keep the room warmer than normal when you are away and lower the thermostat setting only when you are present at home to keep energy cost in control. Make use of smart thermostats to regulate the temperature when you are away from home.

7. Maintain Your Cooling Equipment

Regular maintenance of cooling equipment must be scheduled for its efficient running and less consumption of energy. If you neglect the maintenance of filters, fins, and coils, the dirty air filters will block the normal airflow and affect the system efficiency significantly, shooting up the energy cost.

These are very simple things and you can easily incorporate them in your daily lifestyle.

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