7 Ultimate Reasons Why House Renovators Love Frameless Mirrors


A mirror is a sign of beauty and elegance in a well-furnished home. A mirror is a part of the daily human life, and we have no idea how much time we spend looking at a mirror in a day. Nowadays mirrors are not only used for seeing our reflection and beauty but also as a decorative item in homes. These are also available in custom shapes and sizes. While mirrors are typically used in bathrooms, more designers are incorporating them throughout homes, in bedrooms, halls dining area, etc.

Mirrors are basically of the square, rectangular, circle, and oval shapes. But custom mirrors can be of any shape. The advantage of custom made mirrors is that it can be made to fit any shape. Mirrors can be made to fit on walls, to fit on almirahs or to simply keep on the floor to fill the voids while decorating a room.

What’s advantage of choosing frameless mirrors over framed mirrors? Or why does home renovators love frameless mirrors when it comes to furnishing a house?

It is wrongly assumed that for a mirror to look attractive it must have a frame. While framed mirrors have their beauty, nothing can be more eye catching than a frameless mirror. Custom mirrors of a variety of models and shapes are used as a piece of decoration as well. These custom sized frameless mirrors can also be used to fill up the voids in any rooms while renovating or decorating a house as they give out a sense of grace.

Elegantly minimalistic

Adding a simple looking décor to a room can bring elegance to its interior far more than a flashy or bright item. A sleek frameless mirror of custom shape is an unavoidable part of such an interior. Framed mirrors are limited to the texture of their frames. Lining a full-length frameless mirror in your hall or living room can boost the ambiance and aesthetic of that place. The atmosphere and the looks of the room give out positive and calm vibes to the people living there.

Simple sleek and stylish looks

The frameless mirrors give out a simple look and get dissolved in the beauty of the room. It does not project out as a different object of the room which is what most home decorators prefer while decorating a simple and clean looking room.

Match with any color, theme or style

Mirrors with frames are made to match a specific style or background. The frame color, the frame size, and the overall interior should be taken into consideration while opting for a mirror with frame. Where as frameless mirrors would go with any background. And they can be custom made into the desired shape.

Never diminishing style

While the frames of mirrors go out of style depending on the changing trends, frameless mirrors never go out of style.

Can be carved into desired shapes

Unlike the framed mirrors frameless mirror can be cut into any shape. Glass cutting the mirror into any desired shapes is easy. But producing frames to fit these mirrors of different shapes may not be easily possible.

Provides large reflective surface

This is a very notable advantage of frameless mirrors over framed mirrors when setting them up in bedrooms or bathrooms. Because there is no frame to take up the borders, hence a frameless mirror provides large reflective space. A large reflective space of these custom made frameless mirror not only adds extra light to dim rooms but also provides with a sense of space to the room. Thus by using a frameless mirror the room can look brighter and spacious.

frameless mirror

The added beauty of inclined edges

Inclined edges mean the edges are cut at angles less than ninety degrees.The mirrors with inclined edges provide with a more sleek and modern appeal. The inclined edges at times act as a prism and reflect different colors which add to its beauty. Also, the inclined edge acts as a frame for the frameless mirrors, and still you get to look at the entire reflecting surface.

Some of the types of frameless mirrors are:

  • Frameless floor mirrors.
  • Frameless bathroom mirrors.
  • Frameless door mirrors.
  • Frameless wall mirrors.
  • Frameless decorative mirrors.

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