8 best practices for maintaining your air compressor

Air compressors are valuable for construction projects since numerous plants depend on them for efficiently carrying out their daily operations.

They are also useful for many of your house tasks as well. Because of the vital role air compressors play both in your home and in the manufacturing industry, regular attention and proper management of this critical equipments can save you of time and money.

Maintaining your compressor will result in the optimal performance of your compressor. In this way, you will have a reliable equipment and a reduced downtime. Maintaining your air compressor is a very critical step to extending the lifespan of your machine.

That is why in this article, I am going to talk about 8 tips for maintaining your compressor to ensure optimal performance.

Read The Manual

When you read and understand the manual of your air compressor the first time you receive it, you will be able to get the most out of your machine. The manual will enlighten you about the do`s and don’ts. You will also learn about the compressors warranty from the manual.

Tighten the fasteners

As you use your air compressor day in day out, the bolts and nut will start to loosen. So, you need to hand test and tighten any loosed bolts and nuts.

Clean The Intake Vents

When you are working with woodworking tools like a rotary sander, the dust and the air around you can clog the intake valve causing your compressor to work harder than it should. You need to check the intake valve and clean it regularly to extend the products life.

Change The Air Compressor Filter As Necessary

When the filter of your air compressor is dirty, it forces the air compressor to work harder and take in the air which allows dirt into the mechanism. Even if you don’t use your compressor regularly, you want to change the filter every six months

Change The Compressor Oil Periodically

If your compressor uses oil, you should try your best to top it before you use it. It is advisable to change the change the compressor oil after every 500-1000 hours of use.

Clean The Fuel Tank

When your compressor is gas powered,  neverforget to drain and vacuum out the fuel tank at least once in a year to remove residual build up. In order to remove any bit of debris, you may need to change the filter.

Drain Moisture From The Tanks

As your machine compresses air, it collects moisture especially if the machine is working in a humid environment.  To keep the machine in good condition, you may need to release the air from the tank using the valve provided and drain the moisture once in a while.

Replace The Air Oil Separator

Oil is sprayed into the interior along with air, in an oil lubricated air compressor. This mixture passes through the air-oil separator before you use it. You need to replace your air compressor parts every 500-1000 hours of use.

All these tips when followed with the result in more efficiency and longer lifespan of your air compressor.

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