A Few Typical Electrical Problems

Electrical problems can arise for a multitude of different reasons. The most common electrical problems occur in business systems as well as domestic electrical systems. The problems typically arise from an old electrical system or one that cannot handle the amount of use that you are putting it through. The electrical system in your home is fairly simple in concept. Electricity comes from a municipal source or, in some cases, solar panels. The electricity then flows through circuits of wires. The circuits distribute the electricity to all of the different outlets throughout your house. When you plug something into an outlet, it connects the circuit and powers the device.


Some of the most common electrical problems occur where the wires connect to one another. Typically, wires are made out of copper because it is ductile, conducts electricity very efficiently, and does not react to the heat very much. However, many of the junctions in the circuitry are made out of different metals. These metals, such as aluminium and steel, tend to conduct electricity differently. More importantly, they react to heat differently. An aluminium junction might expand more or less than the copper wires when the electricity flowing through them heats up the metal. After several years, the differences in conductivity can cause the wires to eventually become loose. That can cause, at best, a risk of lost conductivity. At worst, it could be a fire risk. A good electrician in Malaga can inspect your connections.

Insufficient Circuitry

The amount of appliances that are in use in a home or a business in the 21st century is greater than ever before. Due to that, many homes that are older are not equipped to handle this amount of electricity flowing through them. This would mean that the circuits will often trip a fuse when you try to plug too much stuff into the outlets. You will often see this discrepancy manifest because you will routinely have blown fuses and flipped circuit breakers.

If you have to flip your circuit breakers fairly often, you need to get in touch with an electrician who will help deal with these problems. It could mean that you need to have more circuits installed in your house or business. It could also mean that you need some kind of better insulation on your wires to better conduct electricity. Only a skilled contractor can determine for sure.

Old Insulation

In some cases, a very old electrical system will actually have cloth insulation over the circuits, especially at the connections. That cloth or even old rubber will eventually dry out and begin to degrade. This will mean that your wires are exposed. That could lead to shorts in your wiring if they touch other wires. It could also be a fire hazard.


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