A Step by Step Guide to Laminate Wood Flooring

When it comes to implementing a particular style of home décor, there are so many modern elements available for customisation. We’re living through what might be described as a DIY Revolution, because of the sudden burst of interest in all things home décor and home improvement. Given the recent questions and turmoil we’ve had regarding the fate of housing markets around the globe, the resurrection of interest in putting money back into one’s home is a positive sign for the market indeed. That said, while you may be dedicated to making your home the best it can possibly be, you might still be overlooking some of the most fundamental yet underrated décor elements ripe for upgrades.

Case in point: your flooring. Compared to walls, furniture, and other home accoutrements, flooring tends to get overlooked most frequently. With that said, your floor is literally the foundation upon which the rest of your home décor scheme rests, so its importance should never be underestimated. There are of course many options available, but laminate floors have really taken off in the past few years and they are well worth your attention.

Why Go Laminate?

There are many important reasons to consider laminate floors, not the least of which being their durability and sheen. You can count on laminate options to last you a good long while. What’s more, hardwood flooring is incredibly popular today. A smooth, cool option that goes well with everything from rustic décor to a more modern Suburbia feel, hardwood flooring is a fantastic choice. Unfortunately, it can also be a bit of an expensive one as well. That’s why laminate flooring is such a popular and prescient choice today, especially for the savvy homeowner who wants stylish flooring at a fraction of the cost.

What to Look For

So, what should you look for in a laminate floor? For starters, you of course want it to resemble the type of hardwood that you originally had in mind. Ash, oak, and other types of floors all have different colours and textures, so you’ll want to have those elements in mind when ordering their laminate counterpart. In addition, you’ll also want to make sure that the type of laminate you’re buying is scratch-resistant. That extra durability is one of the main reasons people look into laminate options, so you definitely want to make sure you have that feature in place. Finally, as with any major purchase, it’s always a good idea to take out a warranty on your laminate floor.

Laminate Installation
Of course, as with any type of flooring, you want a quality installation team to make your dreams a reality. A laminate installation can be quicker and cheaper than its hardwood alternatives, but you still want to consult with a team that has the experience and know-how necessary to provide you with a fast, efficient installation. Customer service is key here, and you should feel free to ask them any questions that might arise during each phase of the installation. After all, it’s your home, your money, and your ideas being put into effect, so there needs to be an informative stream of communication between you and the installers throughout the process.

Put money back into your home and get the flooring of your dreams with fine laminate floors.


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