A Variety of Conservatory Styles to Fit Any Need and Property

Conservatories are a great addition to any home. Many conservatories serve as a sunroom or type of sitting room. Due to the amount of natural light, conservatories also work well for plants.

Companies Specialising in Conservatories

The best conservatory company in Barnsley offers multiple conservatory options to fit your needs:

  • The Edwardian is great for optimising space.
  • The Victorian comes in a three-facet or five-facet style.
  • The lean-to offers a varied roof pitch.
  • The lantern works well for enclosing swimming pools or larger spaces.
  • Orangeries are a combination of a brick extension and a conservatory.

Conservatory Roofing

There are a variety of roofs to choose for your conservatory. Clients can choose from either a transparent, semi-transparent, or a tiled roof. Tiled roofs have many advantages, which include:

  • Natural light; roof lights are installed to let in the desired amount of light
  • More cost-effective than adding an extension to the home
  • Energy efficient; insulated design reduces energy costs
  • Less glare in the summer
  • Quieter sound of rain on the roof
  • Great option for roof replacement
  • A variety of tile designs and colours to match any house and property

Expert builders are more than happy to visit the site, give a free quote, and advise on the style of conservatory that works best for your unique project, property, and style of home. Once construction commences, the professionals work quickly and efficiently to guarantee a conservatory you will be proud of!



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