Add Trees to Your Landscaping for Unending Benefits

One of the most exciting actions you can take is to finally sign on your new home and begin moving into the property, especially if this is the very first time you have owned a home of your own. That said, there are small ways you may make a property more of your own while enjoying a number of amazing benefits along the way, such as by adding a number of trees to the property. Trees offer a beautiful and dynamic addition to any landscaping design and will provide you with a number of advantages you may not expect or even believe exist until after you have a few semi-advanced trees added to your property this year.

Lower Utilities

Over the course of five years, a tree planted on the west side of your property will drop your energy expenditure by up to three percent, a dramatic difference over time. This is a fact presented by Dr. E. Greg McPherson of the Center for Urban Forest Research and will ensure you remain comfortable and cool throughout even the harshest of summer months. Since you already battle the summer heat enough on your own, adding several strategically placed advanced trees in Melbourne may significantly reduce the amount of work you must put in to achieve the same goals.


Whether or not you plan to eventually sell your home, beautiful and maintained trees will actually add real value to your property by both making it more aesthetically pleasing and by providing a number of benefits. Trees are a way to add curb appeal to your property without any dramatic need for maintenance aside from an occasional call to a tree surgeon for trimming and other services offered to maintain the tree’s health and shape. Potential buyers will see your many beautiful trees and be excited before they even step through your front door to explore the interior of the property, a fact which may result in a faster offer at a higher price.

Seasonal Beauty

Trees that are well-maintained look beautiful at all times of the year, but there are many flowering species which produce gorgeous blooms during certain months of the year. Even if you choose a simple species without any actual flowers to bloom or produce to grow, the simple transformation a tree undergoes throughout the year is magnificent. You get to enjoy a front row vantage point while your trees change colours in spectacular ways throughout the year and shed their leaves in Autumn for the coming of winter months.

No matter what it is that you plan to do with your newly planted advanced trees, Melbourne is the perfect climate for any healthy tree to grow tall and strong over time. Your trees may become a place for you to read, spend time with friends and family, or simply enjoy the summer with ample shade in which to relax while the clouds roll by overhead. Not only will your quality of life dramatically improve, but you will have a far easier time owning the most beautiful property in the neighbourhood.

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