Adding A Personal Touch To Your Home

A personal touch to your house turns it into a home. The comfort of ‘being home’ is all about how you manage your space by styling it in a way which ‘you’ are reflected. This does not necessarily require huge sums of money and interior designers; the internet is full of DIYs and different ideas. Following lifestyle bloggers also helps in keeping you updated with the latest trends.

Brainstorm ideas

A regular home/apartment comprises of a lounge, bedroom/s, kitchen and a lawn/backyard/terrace. In order to add a personal touch to each, some brainstorming and browsing the internet can help. You may want to involve your partner or family members in bringing changes to your home. It not only helps in getting fresh ideas but this way you can cater to their needs too.

Wall of fame

The most commonly used area in the house is usually the lounge. It is that part of the house which hosts you and your family for the most of the day. It should be an area which is comfortable yet neat; where you can occasionally attend to guests and just hang out randomly. In order to add a personal touch to your lounge, you can have a wall of fame – well a wall of fame of your family.

This wall can be painted in a different color or texture from the rest of the walls in the lounge. This will add focus on the wall on which then you can hang pictures and portraits of you and your family. The pictures can be from your fondest memories of family trips, weddings, graduation, family portraits, outings with your pets, etc. It will not only add color to the lounge but will also keep your loved ones in sight.

Graphically printed cushions

Gone are the days when boring single-colored cushions embellished a sofa. These days graphically printed cushions are the thing. They are not only colorful but also add a personal touch to your home. The theme of the cushions depends on your choice. For example, if you are a music lover, you can get cushions with pictures of different musical instruments or musical notes. The colors of the cushions can match the paint on the walls, or you could choose any color from the spectrum.

Add textures

Adding textures to different parts of your home is a great idea as well. You can have bare brick walls, wall hangings, fancy bookshelves, mirror decorations and the most popular – plants! If you are a cactus lover (since they are low maintenance or maybe otherwise), a corner of your lounge can be dedicated to having a cactus corner.

Include lifts

If you have someone or wheelchair bound living with you then why have them go through the trouble of using stairs when lifts can do the job just fine. Depending on the location and use, you have a wide variety of lifts to choose from. When it comes to adding lifts to your home, companies like Terry Lifts are a great choice that can help you come up with a number of solutions. They not only have 40 years of experience but also offer a range of different lifts.

The list to make your house a home by adding a personal touch is endless. Which one of these ideas did you like the best? Do let us know in the comments below.

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