An Energy Efficient Home

Modern homes are built with energy efficiency in mind. You can expect a new home to have proper insulation and durable windows. Windows with a quality double glaze can make a huge difference when it comes to your energy bill. If your home is older, you may want to consider having your windows replaced to accomplish energy saving goals.

Older Homes

Older homes often have thinner windows. This can cause issues with insulation. They may thin out as they are worn away from the weather, or simply be an older style. This can cause them to crack and break easily, as well. The cold or heat can come right through these windows, it seems. There may also be several gaps between the frames and glass. This can be caused by the home settling over the years. This lack of a seal lets air conditioning and heat out of the home. Double glazing suppliers in London can help with this.


You may want to consider window replacements if your home is older. Your windows can be replaced a few at a time to conserve costs, if necessary. True energy efficiency, however, can be accomplished only with a full replacement of all windows. There is often financing available through the company or with a loan. Your home can have a higher value, when this is done, as well. There are many benefits.

  • Saves money
  • Adds value and beauty
  • Increased durability

Talk to a professional about the best course of action for your home. New windows can be a great option for an older home with high energy bills. You can also make your home more attractive and valuable.



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