Are You Thinking About Building an Extension

If you enjoy living in your property but the living conditions are a bit cramped, you may want to consider having an extension built. Extensions are good upgrades to consider, provided you have enough land to accommodate the addition. Moreover, having an extension built saves on the costs of moving house entirely.

Benefits of Adding an Extension

To enquire about having an extension built onto your home, you need to first contact a professional that provides home improvement services in Chesterfield. When you make this decision, you will realise a number of benefits.

  • Better for You Financially. Because building an extension is less than moving, you will save money. You will also increase the overall value of your property, which is a boon financially as well. For instance, if you own a three-bedroom home that is worth £250,000 and a four-bedroom home catches your eye at £300,00, the cost of moving house would be £50,000 plus a moving cost of around £20,000, or £70,000. By comparison, adding an extension may cost about £50,000, which saves you at least £20,000.
  • More Design Input. When you work with a contractor, you also can provide your input more readily. This means you have control when you are planning the space for the design. For example, if you wish to enlarge a bedroom or reduce the size of the dining area, you can most likely do so.
  • Increased value. The addition of an extension, when done correctly, will always add value to your property.

Take the Initiative

If you are thinking about building an extension, you are on the right track from a financial and aesthetic perspective. Contact a contractor today to explore this opportunity.

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