Art – The Key to Stunning Interiors

Of course, there are many things one can do to make a room look nice, indeed there are themes, such as the rustic look of pine mixed with stone, or the futuristic look that only stainless steel and glass can bring, yet there is one thing that really does make a huge difference, and that is art. Humans express themselves in so many ways through art, with paintings, sculptures and beautiful shapes that seem to be alive. It gives you a special feeling when you look at a beautiful landscape that was painted 300 years ago, and it is a constant reminder of just how talented we can be, and this is partly the reason why people decorate their home with art forms, the other being the way the art transforms the look of the room.


When we think of art, we think dollars, yet art does not have to cost a fortune, and for many homeowners, a few well-placed wall murals are the perfect addition to compliment the décor. Stylish prints can be very effective, especially on large, open walls, where the impact of the colour is just too much, and nothing catches the eye. Typically, the ideal size for a wall mural would be 4x2m, although they can be any size, but to break up a continuation of surface, most of the area is taken up by the mural, and with the right contrasting colours, it not only breaks things up, it actually adds a new dimension.

Pleasing to the Eye

Art, by definition, is something that is pleasing to the eye, and this element is used to good effect with interior design. A classic ceramic figure, for example, would never look out of place, and the swirling lines soften everything, and a stunning mural of an animal would bring nature into the picture. Because art is attractive to look at, certain pieces would immediately draw a person’s attention, and that sets off the room.


There are many forms, and indeed, styles of art and choosing the right one isn’t an issue. The modern concept could use abstract art to great benefit, with bold colours, and striking straight lines, while the antique or period look would be suited with a few oil paintings.  Whatever the style of your home, there are online suppliers of art for the home, with some excellent wall murals of all sizes, and whatever you choose, you can be sure it will enhance the look of your interior.

Art can be very expensive, as we all know, but if used as a focal point of a room, it need not be an original piece, and with the right choices, you can add elegance to any room, and it won’t come with a big price tag. Wall murals, for example, can be purchased online for £40-50, which is hardly expensive, and with some tasteful ornaments that can be sourced at any car boot sale, you can transform any room for little cost.

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