Home automation helps in the controlling of lights at home.  One can give command to a control system where lights can be turned off or on at a specific given time without manually operating them.  It is easier to detect and identify when one is altering with alarm security system. The thieves and other potential criminals who intend to attack homes that are perfectly automated can be caught easily or tracked.  One can connect his or her smart phone with the properties at home for monitoring when not around. Home automation gives detailed information about the ongoing activities and what was being done at a specific time. Home automation system is quite economical. One does not need to employ security men or guards at the parameters of homestead. One can employ one soldier for the task of controlling the devices or can set them to function in an automatic mode where they control and monitor themselves.

Crestron Home Automation is quite essential in the current world. The installation of WIFI or Ethernet has helped greatly in accessing the internet.  Internet is useful and noble when doing various researches at home, watching a particular stuff in the you tube, or even uploading a particular document in an online platform. Internet helps people to become more global than parochial where it widens the horizon of socialization. People can comfortably chat, or telephone one another when at home using the internet, via Skype, Whatsapp call or via messenger. It helps in crucial way different people to communicate in common platform despite their diversity. The system of programming and designing home with modern automation brings the aspect of convenience.  One doesn’t have to keep relying on neighbors to look after his or her properties. It is insignificant to keep trusting others on someone property, the devices installed, and programmed at home are useful to rely on.  The system of home automation brings comfort and happiness. It is easier for one to regulate the temperatures of the room like sensi WIFI thermostats.

Smart homes help in mitigation of potential crimes done by the criminals. Technologies smart homes comprise of appliances, interfaces, sensors, and monitor that work for the common good of the smart homes. Monitors and sensors are used in detecting factors of the environment which include; humidity, motion, light, and temperature.  Functionality control is offered by software on computing devices or via interfaces of hardware. Smart homes help in managing one device at one common place. It is advantageous in controlling all the home gadgets at one interface since it reduces multiple hitches, and break down of home devices. The technology of smart homes is quite noble in the flexibility of new appliances and devices.  Smart homes are usually flexible regarding accommodating new appliances, and devices. Smart homes bring the aspect of remote control functions at home. When temperatures are high one can give a command to the temperature regulation devices to cool the temperatures in the house. One can cook lunch or dinner while away by automatically turning on the oven and making the meal ready

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