Basic Pest Control Steps


Maintaining a home requires a few things that you have to keep in mind. You not only need to keep your home’s maintenance in mind, but also your home’s improvement. Oftentimes, those two things go hand in hand. You need to makes sure you are providing for your home as well as increasing its value. One thing that very rapidly damages your home’s value as well as your quality of life is poor pest control. If you don’t have good pest control procedures in place, you will have pests eventually.

Pests move into your home for a variety of reasons. Typically, they are looking for food and/or shelter. In the winter, they seek an escape from the cold. During the summer, they might be fleeing from rain or storms. They’re also always in search of food. The best way to deter pests is to prevent them from entering and remove their motivations.

Put Away All Food Sources

You need to put away all food sources that you possibly can. There are obvious food sources such as food that is on counters or in cabinets. If you have food that comes in boxes or bags, you need to make sure they are sealed tightly. If they are not sealed, you need to move them into a more secure container. You also need to consider some non-traditional food sources.

Fruit flies are a constant nagging pest in many homes. They obviously eat decaying fruit, but they are also a pest that eats other things. Essentially, they eat anything that contains sugar. Therefore, they can even survive on the flecks on toothpaste found on your bathroom mirror. Once you’ve sealed up all of the food and removed all of the toothpaste from your mirror, remember to clear out your sink drains. Fruit flies and fungus gnats are incredibly resilient. You have to clean the drains so they don’t eat food from there.

After all of that has been completed, you should call pest control companies in Essex to improve your deterrents.

Chemical Deterrents

In addition to deterring pests from entering your home, you need to also take steps to physically prevent them. A pest control specialist will be able to analyse your house and determine how best to accomplish such a task. Intentional punctures are a common culprit.

Intentional punctures are things like your plumbing pipes or your air conditioning unit. They are places where there are holes to the outside that are supposed to be there. Though the holes are supposed to be there, you need to make sure they are properly sealed. If they are not sealed properly, they can allow pests to enter. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you are keeping a chemical deterrent in the house.

A pest control professional will be able to use a chemical that is safe as well as effective to either deter or kill pests. There are many chemicals that simply smell in a way that pests do not like. Other chemicals are actually deadly to certain pests.

It is up to your pest control specialist which solution is right for you. You, however, need to make sure you call a professional for assistance at the first sign of trouble.

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