Bathroom Design Trends To Watch

Water-Saving Fixtures

Our first trend is environmentally conscious and will save you money. The low-flow toilet is the most prevalent way to save water in your bathroom—not to mention the most budget-friendly and the easiest to implement. Beyond the commode, many designers are borrowing the hands-free faucets that we know (and either love/hate) from public bathrooms and adapting it for the home.  Higher tech green homes can recycle bath water for irrigation and other uses.

Smart Features

From radiant heating pads for the bathtub and floors to built-in surround sound audio, the bath is getting a technological makeover. And that’s just the start of it– Deluxe smart showers were recently introduced into the market and are expected to expand their reach this year. Finally, chromatherapy is a form of color-therapy or chromotherapy that incorporates LED panels into your shower or bath. Combined with hydrotherapy, the effects are especially soothing.

Nature Inspired Design      

Visit at woodworking-pro and see earth tones, natural stone and three-dimensional tile can lend a natural feel to your at-home spa escape. Bamboo elements and tiles depicting flora and fauna are two specific ways tap into the outdoors in your bathroom escape. Architects are also incorporating large windows to break down the barrier between the bather and their outside environment– revealing landscape features that double in purpose to protect privacy.

Spa-like Retreats                   

More and more people are appreciating their bathroom suites as a retreat from their busy lives. This leads to soothing aesthetic decisions and a simplicity otherwise dismissed as plain.  Large-scale smooth tile and monochromatic design schemes are a popular way to foster a spa-like atmosphere.  In addition, aromatherapy and low lighting encourage relaxation and block out the stimuli of the outside world.

Seamless Integration

Think cabinets that hide from view when not in use, and then spin 360° to reveal their contents. We are also seeing utilities that are flawlessly designed into their environment—nearly invisible when not in use. Like a commode that appears to be a bench until a panel opens to reveal the true function of the design.

Bold Lighting

Gilded sconces and ornate chandeliers are no longer reserved for the formal dining room– Designers are bringing them into the bathroom. Feel free to use richly colored velvet lampshades and golden accents to up the glam in your bathroom space. If your space permits, a chandelier is the bold lighting choice for you. A chandelier brightens your space and gives it an otherworldly feel that will up the feeling of “escape” as you soak in a bubble bath.

Eastern Influence

Finally, eastern influences are infiltrating the world of bathroom design in a big way. Geometric arabesque tile designs are the most popular way to bring a slice of Morocco to your home. Another way that designers are bringing a bit of the East into the homes of their clients is by borrowing an oriental rug from the hallway to use in the bathroom. This can adds an unexpected and elegant touch, while keeping bare feet warm and dry.  You can expect to see oriental runners laid over smooth white subway tile on Pinterest and beyond in 2015.

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