Bolted Steel Tanks and Their Advantages

Bolted steel tanks are very convenient and durable tanks for storing liquids and dry bulk materials. These tanks are made of steel panels which are then connected together using bolted connections and form a vertical cylinder like structure. You can know more about their construction and design in this article. Oil and Gas industries mostly use these steel tanks for quick storage of oil and gas. These tanks are essential for business organizations, government agencies, treating a large amount of wastewater, fire protection and more.

No doubt, traditional tanks have been a great source for storing contents, but they have certain disadvantages which makes them less convenient. Traditional tanks are welded and finished on-site which makes the finishing improper leading to corrosion, cracks, and leaks. Also, these require huge labor, material, and tools which leads to extravagant expenses. You can overcome this by using these steel tanks which seem to be the best option for storing purposes.

Advantages of Bolted Steel Tanks

Bolted steel tanks are very versatile, easy to install and uninstall as well require less of fuss and hard work. All of these features make it an excellent and long-term storage tank. There are many benefits of these tanks that make them a great option. Let us check these benefits one by one:

Easy to Assemble:

Bolted steel tanks are manufactured off-site and brought on the site completely ready in parts. This makes them easier to be assembled and disassembled. Also, these tanks are built in a controlled environment which leads to better quality and reduces the extra time and efforts required for installation. Therefore, these tanks are quick and fast to install as compared to the traditional ones.


These tanks are very much durable when it comes to cracking and leaking. They do not crack or leak fast like concrete tanks. Durability is an important factor as cracks can lead to a collection of moisture which in turn can lead to bacteria formation.These are made with steel sections that are bolted together thus providing greater durability.

Low Repair and Maintenance:

Concrete tanks need to be regularly maintained as they are more prone to leaks and damages. They are also difficult to repair as they require special tools and labor thus making such repair very costly. On the other hand, bolted steel tanks are low in repair and maintenance. They last longer and do not easily cracked or leak. Therefore, these are cost-effective, and the damaged part can easily be replaced without the need of any extra tools or labor.

Easily Expandable:

One of the major advantages of these tanks is that they can be easily expandable as per the requirements. In case of concrete or traditional tanks, you will be required to add additional tanks to meet the increase in demand which in turn can be a costly affair.

But in the case of bolted tanks, you can add additional tanks to increase storage capacity which is very quick and easy. You can also expand the existing tanks by adding more sections to increase the height and capacity.

Reduced Shipping:

Steel tanks are easy to carry, and therefore their parts can easily be disassembled and shipped which reduces the shipping costs.These tanks are also relatively light in weight as compared to the concrete ones which make them easy to carry and compact in nature. These tanks can also be assembled and disassembled easily.


When it comes to steel or concrete tanks, then the size and specifications are limited and if ever if you ever want to increase the sizes then it becomes an expensive and huge affair. On the other hand these steel tanks are available in varied sizes and they can also be customized to fit your requirements. They can quickly be built as per area specifications such as tall tanks in narrow areas and wide tanks in wider areas.

Thus, bolted steel tanks can prove to be one of the primary sources of storing substantial content. These are low-maintenance, flexible as well as cost-effective. You do not require tremendous efforts, time and money to get them installed. These can be used for various purposes such as storing dry goods, municipal water storage, filtration, storing food, minerals, petroleum products, fire protection and more.

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