Choosing the Right Home Flooring

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There are several choices available to you when deciding on your next floor covering when refurbishing or renovating your home. The choice is of course a personal one with many homeowners displaying a preference based upon familiarity or first hand experience of living with their preference.

If you are undecided, this article will outline some of the points for consideration you should bear in mind when deciding on new flooring for your home.

Consider your Environment

What is common is for certain types of floor coverings to be installed in specific areas of the home. This can be seen first hand with the prevalence of tiled or vinyl floors in bathrooms. For a bathroom or kitchen, practicality is the primary deciding factor when buying and fitting flooring as these rooms fulfil a specific purpose and any furnishings need to be adapted accordingly.

  • High moisture environments such as bathrooms work far better with a wipe clean water resistant floor covering such as vinyl than they would with carpet.

  • Kitchens typically see more dirt than other areas of the home due to the presence of food waste. For this reason, hard floors which can easily be cleaned and are not susceptible to staining are preferred.

  • Areas of the home that don’t feature specific requirements such as the lounge or bedrooms can be fitted with a flooring of your choice.

Who Occupies Your Home?

The type of usage your home sees will also have a considerable influence on the type of floor you should install. Children and pets are usually very active and can turn many rooms within the home into high traffic areas. These areas will often need a more durable floor covering to prevent premature wear and damage.

Hardwood flooring can scratch easily so we would suggest a ceramic tile, hard wearing carpet or laminate flooring for these areas.

What is Your Budget?

Some types of flooring are inherently more expensive than others. This is often due to the differences in quality as well as the base cost of each material with hardwood and stone tiling being more expensive than cheap laminate flooring.

It is important to remember that prices can vary greatly across the same type of floor covering, where again quality comes into play.

Flooring is usually priced on a sq. metre basis so complete a measure of your home and draft a few comparison tables to see how much your preferred floor covering will likely cost.

  • Laminate and vinyl flooring will occupy the lowest price bracket.
  • Engineered wood and higher quality laminates and vinyls occupy the middle price bracket.
  • The most expensive bracket is occupied by exotic hardwoods and the highest quality of stone tiles.

Find a Flooring Company

There are several suitable flooring companies around the UK who will be able to supply and fit a floor covering of your choice. If you’re based in the south of the country, hard wearing flooring in Littlehampton, West Sussex, is available from one of many local suppliers. We would suggest that you approach a few different companies for a quotation.

The flooring you choose for your home is an integral part of its overall look and feel so make sure that you buy something that is not only functional but attractive too.

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