Choosing Your Driveway Design

Paving over your drive way is a popular choice amongst homeowners, as opposed to a simple tarmac overlay. Tarmac is durable but it doesn’t provide the aesthetic pleasure that a brick design does. Your driveway won’t get as much traffic passing over it as a regular road, and actually it’s just the resting place for your vehicle overnight, so a brick structure is fine and looks a lot better. You can choose a brick colour that complements the bricks on your house, and also choose a pleasing design.

Types of Designs

There are four main categories of designs for brick paving on driveways: herringbone, random course, stretcher bond, and all other styles – which includes circular and octagonal designs:

  • Herringbone

This is often the most favourite style of driveway paving design, as it is where design meets functionality. It consists of an interlocking laying pattern that ensures blocks are not moved out of position where vehicles are breaking and turning. Common designs are 45° — so it looks like the bricks are forming an arrow shape towards you or away from you — and 90° so it looks like the bricks form an ‘L’ shape when you look at it. Herringbone patterns don’t have to be made with strictly rectangular bricks, but can use interlocking bricks in any other design.

  • Stretcher Bond

This is the simplest paving pattern, where the joints are offset by exactly ½ a brick. The bricks can either be laid width ways, or length ways. This style of design is also known as running bond or half bond.

  • Random Course

These use different sizes of blocks laid at random. However, this kind of paving can be difficult to achieve structural strength, and it is important to avoid cross joints which can draw the eye to a specific point in the design. Yet, if laid effectively this can prove to be one of most stunning designs for your driveway

  • Others

These are other kinds of design that are tricky yet very effective if laid properly. Designs here include circular or octagonal patterns, which won’t all use the same size brick. In this category are other styles of paving design such as a traditional cobbled look, which some people prefer to suit the style of their home.

Getting Your Driveway Paved

There are several paving companies up and down the country that can provide you with paving services, from choosing the style, type of bricks, laying the bricks, setting the drive, and providing maintenance. Most of these companies will have a website, but any decent paving company will also have a showroom where you can better choose designs, so it’s important to find a company close to where you live. If you live in the northeast of England, look for a company that specialises in block paving drive designs in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, or Middlesbrough, and see which showroom is closest to you.

Achieving the Best Results

Perhaps it’s time to update your driveway, or you are upgrading from a concrete or tarmac covering. Brick driveways are very pleasing, and will complement the design of your house. There are four main categories of block paving design: Herringbone, Stretcher Bond, Random Course, and Others (which include circular and octagonal designs). It’s easy to have a new block driveway laid, and the best companies will have a showroom near you.

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