Compressed Air Dryer Systems: What You Need to Know

Compressed Air Dryer Systems

A refrigerated compressed air dryer is commonly used in industrial and commercial application. Four types of compressed air dryers are featured in the market. These types include refrigerated, chemical, membrane, and desiccant dryers. Because some vapour remains in the air when a refrigerated dryer is operated, these types of devices should not be used in applications where water sensitivity can be an issue.

Industries That Use Dryers

The types of industries that demand the drying of compressed air for tool and machinery safety include the following:

  • Pneumatic tooling and control systems
  • Telecom (to repel added moisture and lower the possibility of shorts)
  • Textile trades
  • Air brake systems for trucks and trains

Air dryers are used to dry compressed air in industrial and commercial venues so that the air stays drier and tools and machinery are safeguarded from the effects of rust and water. The pipes that are used to circulate the compressed air are protected too.

A Lot of Water and Air

When an air compressor compresses air, it compresses a great volume. However, the air also contains a lot of water. That is why you need to use a dryer. Hot air holds more water than cooler air so you need to take that into consideration when you are in the market for compressed air dryers.

As a result, compressed air is dried in one of several ways.

  • You can reduce the air temperature before reheating it. A condensate, in turn, will develop at the lower temperature, thus discharging the water. After the air is reheated, it is dry. This type of system is used for refrigerant-type dryers.
  • Absorption is used when the water in the compressed air is bound chemically to an absorbent material. Therefore, the water is sucked up in the material before both are released.
  • Over-compressed air is cooled air. Therefore, any condensate is eliminated and the air is expanded to a regular pressure. This type of air-drying technique proves to be expensive; therefore, it is rarely used.
  • Adsorption is when water “clings” to a surface of a desiccant. The desiccant is then regenerated so that more water is removed. A desiccant compressed air dryer uses this type of process.

Refrigerated Models

Refrigerated air dryers are often used because their operation is basic. A small refrigerator is used to cool the compressed air. When the air is cooled to a certain degree, a condensate develops. The condensate, in turn, is eliminated by a trap. After the water is captured, the remaining air is reheated so that the condensate will not re-form.

On the other hand, a desiccant air dryer reaches a lower dew point. As noted, a desiccant is used to eliminate the water in the compressed air. The water sticks to the material and the air is made drier as a result.

What you select a dryer, your choice will depend on how your use the dryer. In most situations, a refrigerated compressed air dryer will suffice. If you need a lower dew point or need to use the dryer for an operation in which the air needs to be exceptionally dry, then you should review the benefits of a desiccant air dryer for your operation.

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