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Modern Builders

Outsourcing has long been the preferred way to acquire the essential services in the construction industry, as this streamlines the builder’s costs, as he does not have to invest in purchasing this very expensive equipment. Until about 50 years ago, small builders were thin on the ground, and new emergences were rare, as one would need a range of heavy machinery that was beyond their budget, yet all that changed when the plant hire industry was born. It emerged out of the demand for such a service, and with online availability, even a small builder can access whatever he needs.

Plant Hire

Without plant hire, only the national construction companies could effectively work, and having the ability to call in an excavator at any time, is an essential tool for the builder. He might, for example, need grab truck hire in Hertfordshire, and by sourcing a local plant hire outfit, the problem is solved. There are so many things a builder can hire, with the initial ground clearance usually being the first physical work to take place. Excavators and a dumper truck would be working for a few days to clear everything, and then the footing trenches can be dug out by the same machine.

Groundwork Services

Often, the builder does not have the resources to undertake a large groundwork assignment, and would therefore sub contract the work to a suitable company. There are online outfits who will carry out the work, leaving the builder free to focus on the many other things he must do.

A Single Supplier

Regarding labour, the builder would typically deal with a large contractor, one that can supply teams of tradespeople on a contract basis. This might be a daily rate, but more often than not, the sub-contractor is paid by the area they have covered, and would have a firm completion date, with fines for being late.

Builder’s Merchant

For materials, the small builder is reliant of the local builder’s merchant for everything from nails to roof rafters and tiles, and just about any fitting you could care to name. Online solutions make it easy to source such a business, and with online ordering, the builder no longer has to waste valuable time driving to the yard. Typically, a builder would have a long standing relationship with the merchant, and would usually have at least 30 days credit, if not more. The relationship is critical to the builder, who relies on prompt deliveries to keep the project on schedule, and without this service the builder would be unable to fulfil his duties.

Outsourcing enables even a one man band to operate a few small projects, and with the right connections and a plant hire company, it is possible to successfully complete your projects on time. Having the right connections is critical, and with the Internet, sourcing and ordering has never been easier. The local builder has the flexibility to call in a range of services at a minute’s notice, which is invaluable, and allows him to successfully run his business.

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