Different Roof Styles For Your House

When building and designing a new house, the type or style of roof you pick is an important consideration. But not all make our homes from scratch. In fact, most of us move into an already built abode. However, it’s still worth learning the different roof styles and what they have to offer in terms of style and functionality.

Mansard Roof

This roof has four slopes – a couple on either side of a house. The lower slope is more vertical and steeper compared to the upper slope. In fact, the upper slope could even not be seen from the ground. This roof style is French in origin and makes way for extra storage or living space at the house top.


A gambrel is very much like mansard roof. It, however, differentiates from the mansard with its hanging roof that’s above the house’s facade, and there are also vertical gable ends. Moreover, this roof is inspired from Dutch and not French homes.


The saltbox is perhaps among the more interesting looking roofs, from the outside. The roof is asymmetrically long pitched with a short side and long side. This interesting design makes the house look taller from one side and much shorter from the opposite side.

Pyramid Roof

The roof has a pyramid-like shape. Such roofs are usually seen on smaller houses or on the minor portions of a palatial house. To have knowledge on how to fix the roof, you can see the video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhdgyAZj-k4 and have an idea.

Hip Roof

Much like the pyramid roof in terms of design, the hip roof differs in how the four sides culminate at the top. In other words, the roof has a flat portion on its top, whereas pyramid roofs tend to point out. This makes the roof more practical architecturally.

Bonnet Roof

This roof is also similar to a pyramid roof or a hip roof, but the sloping sides of this roof have a particular angle. The angle design helps the roof cover an outdoor porch area or veranda.

Flat Roof

Probably the most easily identifiable roof on the list, the flat roof is much easier to construct, and it’s safer if you like standing on top of your house. The roof’s major drawback is it needs more maintenance compared to other roofs primarily because all the debris stay on the roof with no outlet.

Cross Gabled Roof

The cross gabled roof can be further divided into different types. When viewed from the front of a house, the roof looks like a triangle. The roof is quite common with houses that have individual portions, which gives the appearance of each wing having its own dedicated roof.

Arched Roof

Arched roofs are usually used to cover only a part of a house. Despite its limited usability, quite a lot of people prefer this roof for its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Skillion Roof

This roof, unlike most other roofs on this list, only has one slope. In fact, you may imagine this roof to be 50 percent of a pyramid or triangular roof. You may even consider the roof as a slightly inclined flat roof. Often, the roof is used only on a part of the house. For more information, you can check online and read the blogs.


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