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Owning a home carries responsibilities beyond merely paying the purchase price. One of the most important responsibilities that falls on the shoulders of all homeowners is being aware of the current state of the building’s structural and protective components, including the foundation, framing, siding, roofing, and downspouts.

Siding, Roofing, and Downspouts Work Together

Siding, gutters, and roofing work together, acting to protect the interior of buildings from water and the elements. Water being permitted to flow down interior wall frames, or a home’s foundation, has the potential to cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage, which is easily avoided by simply observing the signs that all homes give.

Angie’s List describes five warning signs that a gutter system may need to be replaced, including orange discoloration and peeling paint, which may be indicative of rust. Today, installers who offer rain gutters Sterling Heights MI based and elsewhere, insist on materials impervious to rust. Another sign to watch for are rain gutters that sag, obviously allowing water to sit in low spots. Any sitting water in a gutter system, or on a roof, should be investigated immediately and is often a sign of a more serious, underlying problem.

Learn Warning Signs

Other warning sign that may mean it is time to consider new downspouts is visible mildew or other water damage, particularly in areas directly beneath rain gutters: corners and behind downspouts are likely trouble areas, if a system has failed. Of course, in order to function properly, cracked or broken gutters need to be replaced immediately.

Sometimes, even a system that appears to be in good working order, with its trough running down an even pitch, and its corners and downspouts free from mildew and other signs of water damage, can be harboring secret blockages, allowing water to flow freely into a basement or other interior area of a home.

Simple Trick Saves Nightmares Down The Road

A simple trick, used by all home improvement professionals, is to wait for a rain storm, or to simulate one using a garden hose. Watch water flow from the roof into the rain gutters from different angles, all the way around a home. Make sure that water is not backing up anywhere, or overflowing from gutters. Once it has been ensured that water is exiting the roof properly, check to make sure that the amount of water leaving downspouts matches the amount entering. Disappearing water can be a symptom of serious underlying problems, the root cause of which should be investigated.

Most professional gutter installers prefer to work with seamless aluminum or steel trough, that is custom made on site, just prior to installation. The final decision is often based on aesthetic considerations. Check to see if the gutter currently installed on your home is seamless. Seams along long runs of trough are more likely to leak than runs without seams. When performing a water inspection of rain gutters, observe each seam, and whether or not any leaks are present.

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