Effective Ways Followed By Professional Rat Exterminator

You may have noticed droplets of rats in your home or even scratch marks on the baseboard, tail marks and foot prints on the floor or even heard the gnawing and screeching sounds when rats fight for food. This is the time you must not delay to call a professional rat exterminator to get rid of the rodents from your home and prevent them from invading again in future. There are a few different ways in which the professionals get rid of mice and ideally it is a two-pronged process. It needs expertise and experience to prepare and provide best results.

Before the exterminator process

Before the process starts, the professional exterminator will ask you a series of questions. This is required to prepare properly for their visit. A few typical questions such as how long is the infestation, how did you realize it, size of your property, and type of your property will be asked.  They will also ask whether or not you areinterested in an ongoing or a one-time extermination service. All these questions are required to help them carry the equipment and tools they need. When you answer to all their questions satisfactorily, the exterminator will schedulea time to visit your residence.

The exterminator process

After the exterminator arrives, a thorough inspection of your home will be conducted to determine the exact place and the type of damage these rats have done to your home. It is after this inspection that the exterminator will quote a price for the job. They will ensure that the rats are cleared out and your home is made rat proof. Clearing out is done by de-scenting, decontaminating, and destroying in that order. Rat poison or rat traps are used for it by the professional. Finding and sealing the entry points is the last step to make your home rat free.

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