Efficient Use Of Safety Signs

Health and safety are two of the most important principles of the construction business while a lapse in maintaining high standards can carry a significant risk to either employees or members of the general public. Indeed, if your organisation has to use safety signs to tell both employees and the public about any potential dangers, then you should become aware of making sure that all your signs are effectively used. Making use of several tips can help you display safety signs in an efficient way so that your staff and the public can be kept safe.

Where to use safety signs

The use of safety signs on a construction site is a cheap and relatively easy way of telling your staff and the general public about machines or areas which are particularly hazardous. You could also make a customised sign to demonstrate the risks to a person’s safety or to inform about what to do in the case of an injury or accident. You should consider using safety signs anywhere in your business or construction site where there is a risk of serious or fatal injury, a danger of falling objects or uneven surfaces. In addition, safety signs should also be used to inform workers about the requirements for personal protection equipment which may be needed before they are able to operate certain machines or to perform a particular task. At Senate Group, health and safety are two of the biggest concerns of the business which wants to keep both staff and the general public safe at all times.

Making your signs effective

There are a number of ways that you can inform both your employees and members of the general public about dangerous machines or areas through the use of effective safety signs. One of the simplest methods of using an effective safety sign is to keep a simple message based around a few key words, alerting people to the immediate danger quickly and easily. If an expanded explanation is needed then this can always be added to another sign. Make sure you position the sign in the correct place, which should ideally be as close as possible to the hazard to make sure people remember the message contained. Furthermore, you should always seek to use images or symbols to back up the message of the words. Indeed, many people cannot read English, making it important to convey a message clearly through the visuals as well as the words.

Make sure your signs are visible

In a busy work environment safety signs must be clear and visible at all times. In order to make sure your safety signs are visible from a distance, you should use vivid colours and large text to make sure your staff and the general public know to keep their distance or avoid the area entirely.

Train your staff

Furthermore, all employees must have their attention drawn to the various safety signs which are present in a work environment while they must read and understand what they mean. In addition, safety signs should illustrate how workers must prepare to operate machinery or perform hazardous task within a specifically defined area.

Make sure your safety signs are effective by using simple language, clear visuals and vivid colours.

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