Everything You Need to Know About Ordering Ready Mixed Concrete

Concrete is an essential building material that’s required for the construction of any kind of building. You can buy bags of concrete from the market in powdered form and then mix them with water to create a thick paste, which can be applied to the walls of the building. That powder is made from several different things such as broken stone, cement, gravel, limestone, and sand. After it has been applied, concrete needs a little bit of time to harden. It has the solid texture of stone once it hardens in place, which makes it ideal for use in the construction industry.

The conventional practice amongst contractors was to order bags of concrete from a supplier and then use them for the construction of any building project. Once the supplies ran out, the contractors would just order more concrete. However, rather than simply ordering powdered concrete, a much better alternative is now available to contractors. The concrete had to be mixed on site by the contractors, which required more work and also cost more money. Furthermore, it was difficult to make accurate estimates about how much concrete was needed and, as a result of that, contractors often ended up ordering more or less than the required amount.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about all of that if you order the concrete through ready mixed concrete suppliers. Ready mixed concrete is now easily available through many different suppliers across the major parts of the country and is a fantastic option for building contractors. Here are just a few things that you should know about ordering ready mixed concrete.

Available at Hard-to-Reach Sites

If the road to the construction site is blocked or hard to reach (such as in situations where the construction site is located at a higher altitude), the ready mixed supplier will send over a truck to the closest possible location. From there, the concrete will be pumped over to the construction site through a large pipe. It’s a very simple solution that makes it easy for you to carry out construction work in places that are not readily accessible.


Many contractors are under the impression that ready mixed concrete is significantly more expensive than ordinary concrete, which is actually not the case. As competition has increased within the industry, companies have had to reduce their prices and provide their products at relatively affordable rates. Compared to the costs that would be incurred if you were to mix concrete on site, the price of ordering ready mixed concrete is generally lower.

Now, one thing that you need to consider is the timing of the delivery; if you order it too soon, the concrete will begin to set before it is even poured and if you order it too late, your workers will have a lot of free time on their hands. Therefore, make sure that you communicate the right time and place for the delivery so that the company sends the delivery at the agreed time.


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