Exceeding Electrical Expectations: Get High-Quality Electrical Installation or Inspection for Your Home or Business

Professional electricians provide an invaluable service that is vital to your home’s electrical performance and safety. Whether you need your newly constructed building wired or your current electrical system checked, you want to know the job is being done properly. A poorly installed electrical network is extremely unsafe and can lead to potential damages and hazards.

Electrical Rewiring 

If you own an older home, you are especially vulnerable to electrical damage and faults. Professional electricians can inspect your home’s electrical system for any issues, and if the issues are urgent, they can be taken care of immediately.

Alternatively, old electrical systems use different, less efficient equipment, and electricians are capable of rewiring your system as well, especially if there are existing issues.

Feeling Secure in Your Home

In addition to electrical work, electricians want you to feel safe and secure in your home, which is why the professionals at AFS Electrical in Glasgow provide you with inspections, testing, and certificates as well as exceptional electrical service, so you know that your home’s electrical is under control and free from inconsistencies and damages.

  • PAT testing

Portable appliance testing is an inspection of appliances and electrical cables, plugs, and wiring insulation for any faults, tears, or other damages. By doing this, you ensure your appliances are in good condition and continue using them with confidence.

  • EICR

There are several reasons one might need an electrical installation condition report, and these are recommended to happen every 10 years or so. They will allow you or a third party to feel safe with the current condition of the electrical system since these must be carried out by certified professionals and members of the NICEIC.

  • Thermal Imagery

For even deeper, more thorough testing, your electricians can do thermal inspections of properties and electrical networks.

Your electrical company will also provide you with landlord safety certificates, insurance reports, and additional documentation proving the quality of the electrical system in your home or business.

Commercial and Industrial Systems

Your professional electricians can also maintain and improve the functionality of the electrical system in your commercial or industrial building.

This could include the following:

  • Improving quality of lighting (brightness, energy efficiency)
  • Installing solar panels
  • Tailored designs of electrical systems
  • Data cabling

Having an electrical network that performs with the utmost efficiency can increase productivity and ultimately incoming revenue.

Don’t Put Yourself at Risk

Your electrical system stays hidden for the most part, so people often don’t consider the potential hazards. There is no reason for you to live or work in an area with a sketchy electrical system, and if you are unsure of the condition of your system, don’t hesitate to call a professional. They offer free quotes and are ready to perform whatever is necessary to get you feeling safe in your home or office once again.

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