Extend Your Space with a Folding Arm Awning

If you own a café or small restaurant, your dining space may not be large enough to accommodate your lunch or dinner crowd. While those headed back to work may be fine with take-away, some people may decide to find somewhere else to eat if there are no seats available. You lose money every time this happens. One way of adding additional seating to your business is by adding outdoor tables and chairs. Of course, then the weather becomes a factor. By adding some awnings, though, you can keep your customers protected while they eat.

Bring in More Customers

The biggest advantage to using one of these awnings is that they can help you bring in more business by providing more space for your customers. They provide shade from the sun and can even block some light rain. Of course, if a heavy storm comes in, your customers won’t want to continue sitting outside. Even when that does occur, these awnings help provide some protection to those walking by who want to get out of the storm.

Fold the Awnings in During Bad Weather

If your awnings are installed on permanent supports, the fabric may get ripped off during high wind and other bad weather. The metal supports may even be bent or broken. However, if you have folding arm awnings, you can simply fold the awnings flat against the building when bad weather comes in. You might even want to do this at the end of each day. The awnings can provide extra security for windows or doors since they will be folded flat over the glass. That makes it harder for someone to break the glass and get inside.

Your awnings can be folded in by working a simple hand crank. If you want to make it even easier, you can have small motors installed that raise and lower your awnings. You can link all of these motors to a single switch or to a remote control that you can use to raise or lower them individually as needed.

Extend Your Colour Scheme

Your awnings can come in any colour you want. This means you can use them to extend and expand upon your business’s current colour scheme. You can have them done in a solid, complementary colour, in stripes, or in a multi-coloured design. You can use your awnings to make your business’s exterior look more serious, playful, or colourful.

You can also have your business logo, name, phone number, and other information branded across your awnings. This makes it easy to add additional advertising to the exterior of your building. Printed awnings are often more affordable than having a large sign with your business name created and installed on the side of the building. It’s also easier and more affordable to change out the awnings if you decide to rebrand or if any of your business’s information changes.

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