Family Protection

Mother Nature is truly a wonderful thing, but she does play havoc with our homes. Heavy rain, storms and searing temperatures all contribute to the general welfare of the most important thing we have. The roof over ourselves and our families heads. It can be daunting thinking about the costs of putting on a new roof, the time it takes and whether or not it is going to last. After all, who wants to be paying out large sums of money every time the weather is bad.

No Stress.

However, why put on a new roof when you can totally restore your current one. Total roof restoration in Perth is now available and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Even better, you can get a free roof inspection and a restoration quotation for the job with no obligation to buy. This takes all the stress out of thinking about restoring your roof. You know it needs doing, your wife has told you to get it done and your neighbours know you need it done. There is really no reason why you shouldn’t give them a call.

Is It a Quick Fix.

For those of you who think that it is a ‘quick fix’ think again. This is a job completed by professionals who take great pride in their work and their goal is to restore your roof to its former glory. Many roof restoration companies ignore the most important part of any roof restoration project and that is the preparation. Preparation is the key and the job is completed by fully qualified, competent roof tilers and then coated with resin by equally qualified and experienced applicators. You would get a professional to fix all the other issues in your home and this job is no different.

Piece of Mind.

If you have an iron roof as a lot of homes in Western Australia have, then that can also be restored and repaired. Leaks, if any, are found and fixed, rust patches are cleaned and treated and should your roof and guttering need that long overdue high pressure water clean, then that service is available as well. Tex screws loose or missing, flashings not secure, primer and top coat needed, it’s all part of the service and to give you total piece of mind, the coating process offers a twenty year guarantee. You can’t get better than that.

Add Some Colour.

All restoration and coating processes are carried out with the customers’ convenience in mind and any leaks that are mended come with a twelve months, four seasons guarantee. No chemicals are used in the procedure, so gathering runoff rain from the roof is safe and because it is more environmentally friendly, no open air spraying takes place. For those of you who want to add a little colour in your life, there are a total of 32 fashionable colours to suit all tastes and pockets. Getting your roof taken care off is good for your home, good for your family and adds value to every home. There really is no reason not to ask for a free roof inspection and no obligation quote today.

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