Finding the RIght Textiles and Showrooms for You

Variety of Choices

Looking to shop around for the right textiles? Need to design a specific living or office space? You may want to check out some textile showroom floor plans in New York City. With a wide variety of choices, these showrooms can be accessed via your typical directory or even online as many of them have joined the latest tech age with their own visually aesthetic websites.

What is Your Style?

Go through different style patterns and samples to figure out the kind of look you are wanting to achieve and then you will have a better handle on which textiles and floor plans work for you. Are you looking for something modern and chic, rustic and bold, or a clean-cut, minimalist approach? Go to some showrooms or request some samples to be sent out to you before you commit to any one style. Make sure you see most of what’s out there before you make a definite selection. You may find something you like in the beginning, but what if something more functional is right around the corner? You’ll never know unless you take the time to really do your homework on it.

Does it Meet Your Needs?

There are a lot of options to choose from, and selecting one or some may be an overwhelming task; however, think of the colors and textures that will best fit your needs or the needs of the area you have in mind. You really want to think about this step in the process because what good is a home or office space if it is not functional or it does not meet the required needs in order to be occupied? Perhaps you may consider making a list of these needs or requirements before opting for a specific style and considering which styles will fit these needs/requirements.

Style Guides

As many showrooms as there are styles, there are also just as many helpful guides that provide you the information and resources you need in order to select the right textiles and even the right showroom. Whichever showrooms you enter, be sure to ask for any guides or samples available. Often there are pre-selected color or textile families that are sorted out as a guide to give you ideas on what a space may look like with said choices put together. These guides help give an idea of the finished product and solve problems that you perhaps may not be aware of at the beginning of your design journey. Whether you are designing the space yourself or working with a designer, it is important to have some sort of guide available in order for you to visualize the textiles in the space you are designing together.

Helpful Websites

With a plethora of different arrays of textiles available on the market, textile showroom floor plans in New York City are abundant. You can find them all over the Internet. For example, click on the following websites to see samples and showrooms:


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