Five Ways To Make Your Home Feel Like Summer All Year

You can bring summer into your home and feel less of those winter doldrums if you want to. It’s the lack of sunshine in the winter that puts most people in a foul mood. Plus you’re trapped indoors, lest you go outside in the freezing cold.

Bring warmth and light back into your home and it will be easier to get through the winter blues. It’s not a difficult thing to do, and it can be great for you and everyone else under your roof. This doesn’t mean that you need to fill a room with sand or turn your heat up extra high. It just means you want to add a little “warmth” to your home in other ways.

Get A Four Season Room

If you have a four season room in your home, use it. If you don’t have one it may be time to invest in one if you can afford to get some renovations done on your home. Looking into a second mortgage or a home repair loan to get the money to make this room happen.

Use this room as a place to enjoy the winter sun when it is out. Even if it’s a room that you don’t regularly heat in the winter it may still be a good place to do your morning workouts or yoga. You’ll warm the room up in no time.

Bring In Some Plants And Flower

Plants and flowers help clean the oxygen in the air, and when you are spending more time indoors you are continually recycling more oxygen, meaning that your home may get a little stuffy. Not only will some live plants help clear the air, but they can also give you that feeling of spring in your home all year.

Grow An Indoor Herb Garden

You could also grow your own plants from scratch, like starting an herb garden. This gives you fresh herbs all year and helps you feel more like spring is always in the air in your home. Plus, the scent of some fresh herbs, like peppermint, can help perk your mood up with just a sniff!

Add Some Light

Even though natural light is the best for beating winter depression, the right amount of fake light can be helpful as well. Open up the curtains and let the light in when you can, install some track lighting, and also consider painting darker walls a lighter and brighter color, like and off-white.

Decorate Right

Take some spring decorating tips and use them in winter. Clean your home (it gives you something to do) and then find ways to add some spring colors. Your home doesn’t have to always look like the holidays, so swap out the green and red for some pastels and brighter colors. Hang some floral artwork and get some fresh flowers to adorn tables.

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