Four Benefits of Installing Double-Glazed Windows on Your House

If you’re trying to make your home more energy efficient, replacing your windows is a good place to start. Even though replacing windows can be expensive, costing about £5,400 for a house with 10 windows, they can pay for themselves through lower energy bills. Here are the benefits that you will get from double-glazed windows.

Reduces Cold Draughts

Double-glazed windows are much better insulated than single-pane windows so they will greatly reduce cold draughts. With a layer of inert gas separating the two panes of glass, most cold air will not be able to seep into your home. This insulation will prevent temperature fluctuations in your house so the system isn’t constantly tripped on and your operating costs will be reduced.

Prevents Condensation

Condensation is produced when cold outside air meets with glass warmed from your heater. This condensation can drip onto the frame of the window, causing it to deteriorate over time. Fortunately, double-glazed windows prevent condensation so your windows will last much longer since there will be no water to cause damage to them.

Safer Windows

With double glazing in Dorchester, your family will be safer if something happens and glass is broken. Since there are two layers of glass, if debris hits the window during a storm, it will only shatter the outside pane. This will help protect your family from being injured during inclement weather.

Reduces Noise

Sleeping during the day can be difficult if you live near a major thoroughfare. However, double-glazed windows will reduce any noises from the outside coming into your house. This will allow nighttime workers to go home and get the rest that they need for their next shifts.

Along with standard window sizes, double-glazed windows can be customised to fit older window frames in most shapes and sizes.


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