Four Things To Do To Make Your Home Look Fresh And New

Sometimes it takes more than just some spring cleaning (no matter what time of year it is) to get your home looking fresh and new again. Maybe you need some new paint, some new carpet, or maybe you need to spruce the whole thing up, from the outside in.

It also isn’t always cheap to spruce your home up, depending on what all you need to do. You may want to consider getting a small loan that can help you cover the costs of a new carpet, some new decor, or renting that power wash to clean your home on the outside. Aside from money, here are some tips for freshening up your home, outdoors and in.

Give It A Good Cleaning, Inside And Out

One thing that can make your home less than stellar looking is dirt. From crud on your siding to handprints all over your walls inside, there is some cleaning you can do to easily give your home some sparkle and shine again.

Rent a power washer, and a nice long handles brush, to clean the outside of your home. Make sure you clean the windows too (both inside and outside). Then you can also scrub down your walls. The white erasers made from magically removing ink marks and more from walls are a great, cheap, investment.

Spruce Up Your Yard

A cleaner, manicured lawn can make the whole outside of your home look better and brighter. That means keeping the lawn mowed, raking up the leaves, and maybe even doing some landscaping. These things take some time, but they can be worth it for the pleasing look they’ll give your yard.

Invest In A New Carpet

If the inside of your home is looking a little run down you could start by looking at your carpet. If you have a lot of people coming and going, aren’t regularly having people remove their shoes at the door, and don’t have area rugs, your carpet could be pretty worn out or dirty.

You can start by trying to shampoo your carpet. That may be enough to make it look new again if it’s only dirty. However, if it has major stains or areas that are worn down it may be time to invest in a new carpet.

Consider New Decor

If your home is fairly newer and it cleans up nice, but it still looks a bit out of style, it might simply be time to invest in some new decor. Start by finding out what colors and decorative items are in style currently, and then go from there.

You might even want to consider fresh paint on the walls, even if to just change the colors up some. You could also go with an accent wall, or try some wallpaper to add a little bit of whimsy to your home.

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