Get a clear idea of the different ranges of Artificial Grass

If you are thinking of to make a green area artificially, you should know which range will be the best choice for your area. In general, Artificial Grass is used to decorate home gardens and playgrounds also. Higher quality of materials is used to cover the playgrounds. But for the home gardens, you may consider the common and popular choices of grass. As everyone knows, there are varieties of ranges available according to the material and price. A general sketch to overview the ranges are here. It will help you to finalize the budget you need to allot.

  1. Value range: as the name suggests it is the most pocket-friendly option for the users. If you want to renovate your garden area in a low-budget you may opt for this material. These are actually value for money. If you are a beginner, then this is the best option. First, try and then after a few years, you may switch to a more expensive one. All of these products assure the buyer with a ten-year warranty certificate.
  • Fusion range: it a light green colored grass. This is the starting level product.
  • Vision range: it is made of soft fibers and also in a light green color.
  • Meadow range: if you want a wonderful natural look in low budget, this meadow range is the perfect choice for you.
  1. Mid range: if you want a well-balanced product between the cost and quality, this is the best option for you. It looks and feels like the expensive grass ranges, but definitely is a pocket-friendly product. Install any of the following beautiful mid range products for your garden redecoration.
  • NL Mid Range: if your requirement is for your lawn and playground both, this new range will be the best for you. It is a pet-friendly product. No need to mention that it is truly a cost-effective product.
  • Eclipse Range: love the experience of walking a soft natural grass lawn? This is apt for you.
  • NL Luxury Range: it provides you a high-range product in a half of the price of the same looking luxury product.
  1. Luxury range: do you want to go for the royal treatment for your garden? This luxury product may be a little bit expensive compared to the other ranges; it will make your garden much perfect and truly comfortable to walk on.
  • Horizon range: fresh colored Artificial Grass with extremely dense fibers and has a perfectly manicured finish.
  • Elise range: very much assembles to the natural grass with appropriate density and color.  
  • Enigma range: a perfect mixture of softness, shaped yarns and ultimate look and feel. It is too hardwearing that you can use this for both on lawns and playgrounds.

Choosing any one from the above-mentioned the range artificial grass, it may be a difficult task for you. But any one of them is made to look perfect in a home garden. Now, the time has come when you will get yourself free from a messy and untidy lawn.

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