Getting Your New Home Move-In Ready

When you buy a new home there are always at least a few things you need to do to get it ready to move into. Maybe it needs a little fixing up, or maybe it needs a lot. You may have some holes in the wall to fill, some new carpet to put down, some floors to sand and varnish or some walls to paint. You may have one thing to do, or you may have many.

Start with a list so you know how much money you’re going to need, and what all needs to be done. Separate the list into things that need to be done before you can actually start living in your place and things that can be done once you’re already there. Here are some of the things you may want to get done first, to get your home ready, and some tips on doing them.

Do The Floors First

Many people will argue on which to do first, the floors or painting. It often depends on what you are doing to your floors, but ultimately it’s up to you or the people you hire to do the job for you.

A case can be made for doing the floors first, especially if you are keeping hardwood flooring or pulling up old carpeting. Removing carpeting can raise up dust, and sanding hardwood floors definitely creates a lot of dust. If you paint first, and the do your floors, you’re at least going to have to scrub your walls back down, and you may need to repaint. You also might scuff some of your paint job when sanding your floor.

Get Painting Done

If you did your floors first you want to make sure that you tape down plastic to protect your new flooring. If not, you may have less to worry about. If you’re painting the ceiling you need to have the entire floor covered.

Always start with washing the walls, and then letting them completely dry, before you start applying coats of paint. Depending on the color changes you are making you may also want to invest in some paint primer and get that on before you start painting.

Replacing Things

There may be things in your new home that need to be replaced before you can move in, like getting a new furnace or a new water heater. You need these things, they are essential to living in this day and age. Just like you might need a new stove or refrigerator.

If it’s something you can live without when you first move in, like newer light plate switches or plug covers, put them on the latter part of the list to pick up and do once you’ve moved into your new home.

Think Safety First

Make sure your home meets the safety requirements it should. Your home inspection will help you pinpoint some of these needs, which is why that’s a good investment.

Make sure that you have a radon detector and a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Even more importantly is having the right amount of smoke detectors in your home. You’d do well investing in a fire extinguisher too.

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