Glass Shower Screens and Other Bathroom Upgrades

Glass Shower Screens Bathroom

Glass is the best material for many parts of your bathroom, and your bathroom is the best place to put glass items. With the exception of your kitchen, your bathroom probably takes the most abuse of any room in your home. In many ways, it takes more abuse than any other room.

Your bathroom is subjected to high temperatures repeatedly while people are showering. Those temperatures come with high humidity and moisture buildup. Also, there is constant exposure to water and cleaning chemicals.

Your shower goes through a lot, which is why glass is the perfect material for your shower. Glass is perfect because it is naturally waterproof, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant. Glaziers in Canterbury can design incredible pieces for your bathroom.

Glass Shower Screens

If you’ve been using plastic or composite shower screens, you’ve probably experienced a buildup of mould and mildew if you do not clean it regularly. That’s because plastic and other synthetic materials are slightly porous, meaning they have small places for the moisture to remain after the water’s off. When moisture sits, it breeds mould and mildew.

Glass, on the other hand, is naturally non-porous. Therefore, it will be much more difficult for mould and mildew to grow. Incidentally, that also makes it easier to clean.


Well-designed glass is scratch-resistant. To scratch something, you have to apply force with something harder than the other surface. There are very few household items that are harder than glass, so it will not scratch often. Since it doesn’t scratch often, it is less likely to provide places for water to cling or for mould and mildew to grow. Also, it won’t get cloudy the way some other materials might.

Glass has many more positive features. For one, it will not bend or warp when the humidity and temperature changes rapidly. Also, it can create the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it is. Glass is a great choice.


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