Heat Your Home from the Floor Up

Heat Your Home

There are several popular ways to heat a home; some of them are efficient and some of them are not. The most common way to heat a home is by blowing hot air into the room from a heater. That is one of the least efficient ways to heat a home, however, because air is not a good conductor of heat. Since it is insubstantial, heat passes right through it. So, it transfers heat to you and warms you up fairly easily but it does not retain that warmth. As soon as the heater shuts off, the room begins to cool again.

The most efficient systems use a more effective conductor. Water holds heat much better than air does, and it also transfers that heat very well. If you can transfer the heat from water to something else substantial, you can heat up a room and keep it warm for longer. Your floor, walls, and furniture will retain heat much longer than air can. That is why you need a hydronic heating system. If you already have a hydronic heating system, you need to make sure that it is in good working order.

How It Works

You need to understand your heating system if you are thinking you might need hydronic heating repairs. The system works by boiling water in a gas or oil-burning boiler. The boiling water then circulates through pipes in the floor of your house. That process transfers the heat to the floor. Since heat rises, it will naturally move from the floor up, warming your entire room. So, any problems that can arise with your heating system will likely arise from the boiler or the pipes.

Common Problems

If your boiler is not producing boiling water, you should look to see if it is still in good working order. It could be that you have simply run out of fuel. Alternately, you should check to see if the pilot light is still on and burning. Sometimes, the pilot light can go out. If you have a natural gas boiler, you should check the colour of the flame, which should be blue. Natural gas burns blue in the presence of enough oxygen. If it is starved for oxygen, it will burn yellow or orange. That is also a sign that it is producing carbon monoxide, in which case you should turn it off and call a specialist immediately.

If the boiler is boiling water just fine, you should call a professional. The professional will likely need to inspect your boiler again and also inspect the pipes under your floor. That is why you should call a professional. Dealing with burning fuel, boiling water, and the process of pulling up floorboards is incredibly dangerous. It is hazardous and requires a lot of expertise. An expert will be able to do it safely with minimal damage to your home.

Sometimes, these problems arise simply because the system needs maintenance. There does not have to be some kind of serious problem for the heater to lose efficiency. Whatever happens, a good professional can fix it. You should call at the first sign of trouble.

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